13 Jun 2016

Talk about being on the horns of a dilemma, l am on the verge of making a decision that could change my whole life.

Both John and Stu were away on a job last week and Val had to go to South Wales to visit a sick Aunt. Consequently, all l had was my dildos and vibrators for entertainment. I can't believe how much l've changed, l seem to think about sex most of the time and end up masturbating at least three times a day. I know sex has always been a big thing with me and John but since he convinced me to take on other partners it's as if l've turned into another person.

Stu and Val seem to have sorted out their situation, John has told her that he intends to keep fucking me and Val said she would as well. In fact Stu picked up John when they went off to their job, giving me a quick fuck on the stairs before they left. The fact that he uses me like a whore is a great turn on, he is into that role now, telling me to bend over and slaps my arse before he shoves his cock into me, often when John is there watching.

So, they were away, l was alone and randy. Also, with John being away at this time of year there were jobs in the garden that weren't getting done. The main one being the high hedge which surrounds our back garden. Before he left, John put an advert in the local village store looking for someone to do gardening jobs.

On Tuesday afternoon there was a knock on the door, Josh, a young lad who lives up the road was there saying he was answering the advert. I have known him since he was a young boy, now turned into a good looking young man, just doing his A Levels before going off to University. I showed him what the job entailed and we agreed a price for him to come back the next day.

He turned up on time and l left him to it as l had to go to town shopping, telling him l had left him sandwiches and cold drinks in the fridge. It was a very hot day and when l returned he had stripped down to just his shorts as he worked on the hedge. I admit the sight of his well tuned, tanned body, glistening with sweat did give me a tingle downstairs but l put that thought away.

About 3 p.m. I asked him if he wanted a break and offered him a cold drink, taking the drinks out to the garden furniture. We sat opposite each other on the armchairs either side of a low coffee table. I was wearing a thin, short summer dress and as normal these days, no underwear. As l leaned back and crossed my legs l notice his eyes shift down, obviously looking up my skirt, and immediately he went red and choked on his drink. I uncrossed my legs and leaned forward to ask if he was okay sort of accidentally parting my legs slightly which gave him a clear view of my naked pussy.

When he had recovered, l sat back, his eyes were still fixed on my exposed cunt. I laughed and asked if he was enjoying the view as l opened my legs wider, hitching my skirt up at the same time. He made some excuse and said he should get back to work but l stopped him saying perhaps he would prefer a better look as l stood and in one movement removed my dress.

He sat there, open mouthed as l stood before him asking what he thought of old women.

"You're not old" he said "you look great"

" Of course l'm old" l replied, " l'm old enough to be your grandmother".

I could see l was having the desired effect on him as there was a promising looking tent in the front of his shorts. I pointed to his cock saying that he looked like he fancied fucking me. I think my choice of language was what took him over the edge when he replied that he wanted to fuck me there and then.

I told him to show me his cock and he dropped his shorts to reveal a beautiful specimen, all of eight inches long, nice and thick with the shaft curling upwards to a bulbous purple head. I told him his cock was beautiful and that l wanted to suck it, he came round to me and l bent forward taking the whole shaft deep into my mouth. I played with his balls as l sucked and toyed with him, he caught two handfuls of my hair as he started to fuck my mouth, l managed to release him long enough to tell him to cum in my mouth as his first cum would be quick, then he could fuck me properly.

Almost as soon as l had him back in my mouth he began to fuck me harder, his cock hitting the back of my throat, l put my arms around his bum, pulling him into me, feeling his cock entering my throat as it swelled and began pumping his spunk into me. He let out a deep groan as he came, l tried to swallow it all but there was so much that some escaped, trickling down my chin.

When he had finished, l released him, scooping his cum from my chin and sucking it off my fingers. He was still hard, ( Oh the joys of youth ) so l told him to fuck me as l turned and bent over the back of the chair. Days of frustration left me as his cock ploughed deep into my cunt, he felt so good and powerful, l told him to reach under and pull my nipples, telling him to twist them harder as he began to fuck me. I kept telling him how good it felt, telling him to fuck me harder and harder, to ram that gorgeous cock up me and fill me with spunk. I could tell he was close and so was l, telling him to slap my arse, then do it harder and harder still. He was hitting me and ramming his cock into me calling me a bitch with each thrust. My orgasm was building, l could feel it was a good one, he grabbed me and drove into me as hard and deep as he could, his cock exploding with cum just as my whole body shook and my cunt juices flooded over his cock and balls.

He was still embarrassed and uncertain after he had pulled out, reaching for his shorts and saying he was sorry and had better go. I said that surely he wasn't going to leave a job half done, he said he would come back the next day to finish the hedge.

" l don't mean that job" l laughed " l mean the job of giving me a good fucking". With that l took his hand saying we would go up to the bedroom where he could carry on with the job. Initially l led him like a puppy dog but once we got into the bedroom he relaxed and lay down, letting me work on him, kissing and sucking his nipples as l played with his cock, then sucking him, tasting the mixture of spunk and cunt juice that was coating it. I soon had him hard again, then mounted him, sliding onto his cock and giving him my nipples to suck and nibble. I fucked him slowly this time, savouring the feel of his cock inside me, he told me l was beautiful and l kissed him as a thank you.

Slowly he began to follow my movements and l could feel his cock growing inside me, l encouraged him, telling him how good it felt. I could feel another orgasm coming, much more gentle this time and as l finished he arched his back unloading another delivery of spunk inside me.

We lay side by side afterwards, me stroking his body as he played with my nipples. I told him how good it felt to be able to excite a young man at my age. He said l was fantastic, that l was so much better than his girlfriend who only ever wanted normal missionary sex and would never let him cum in her mouth.

I know l shouldn't but l opened up to him completely, telling him all about Stu and Val and the dogging. He was fascinated and l could feel the beginning of another erection as l played with him. I told him how much l enjoyed being used as a slut by a group of men, saying that my ultimate fantasy was to be naked in a room full of about thirty men who would then fuck me into paradise. I told him how much l loved having a cock up my arse and when he admitted that he had never done that but had wanked off reading about it l said it was about time he experienced it.

His cock was still slippery but l still told him to put two fingers up my cunt and get them coated with spunk then use it to lubricate my bum. He needed some guidance to do the job properly, all the time l could feel his cock hardening until he was rigid again. I told him there were a variety of positions but my favourite is with me on my back, my legs wide open and held up high presenting both holes for fucking. I told him to slide it up my cunt first then take it out and rest it against my bum hole. He was too excited to hold back then and eased his cock into my bum, giving me a good six inches.

It felt so good as l worked my muscles on him, drawing him in, then, as l felt his balls hitting my buttocks l told him to fuck me and to finger my cunt at the same time. He took instruction very well, rolling my clit with his thumb as he was fingering me. Again l began to tell him to fuck me harder, he got quicker but not as hard as he had done in my cunt. I find orgasms from anal sex are totally different but no less satisfying but this time he came before l was at my peak, but that was understandable as it was his first time.

We stayed in bed until late into the evening, l did bring him some food and we chatted about what we had done. He asked if we could do it again which l took as a compliment. I said that he would be welcome anytime and not to worry about John as l would be telling him all about it. He was a bit unsure of that but l put his mind at ease. The conversation drifted back to my fantasy gang bang and he asked if l was really serious. I assured him that l was and that John was trying to arrange one but it was difficult to get that large a group f men organised.

Josh said that he played for a local football and cricket club and there were a large number of lads his age or slightly older, perhaps he could arrange it. Initially l was enthusiastic but then l realised that all the men would be local and it would be a bad situation for so many local men to know l was such a slut. We talked about it some more, the conversation stirring his cock into action again, l complimented him on his staying power, joking that if all his mates were as virile then twenty men would end up with me taking about a hundred cocks in total. I said perhaps l should reduce the numbers but he suggested keeping as many as possible but limiting each man to two fucks, having to chose two out of three holes.

We laughed about it, me saying that he was enjoying talking about me like l was some kind of fuck slag, he went to protest but l stopped him saying that that was how l liked to be treated.

By now he was hard again so l asked him to choose which hole he wanted, he picked my arse but said he wanted to pull out and cum in my mouth. I was happy with that, this time getting onto my knees for an arse fuck doggy style. I was still lubricated with his spunk from before so he was soon banging away at me, giving me some resounding slaps on my bum.

He was calling me a dirty cow as l kept telling him to fuck me harder. He couldn't last long as he pulled out telling me to suck it as l rolled over onto my back and he forced his cock into my mouth. There was still a good quantity of spunk and as he pumped into me l was rubbing my clit, taking me to a lovely cum as well.

Eventually Josh had to go, he said he would be back in a few days to finish the hedge as he had a couple of exams coming up. I asked if he would be coming back to fuck me as well to which he replied that he would rather fuck me than do the hedge. I laughed and kissed him saying he could have me anytime, that l would tell John and he would be fine with it.

After he left l had a lot of thinking to do, l slept well and the next day spoke to John, telling him what had happened. As l expected he was happy and looking forward to watching Josh fuck me. We then went on to discuss the idea of the gang bang. I asked him to take some time to think it over as it would mean a large group of local lads knowing his wife was a slut, l was not sure if he could handle that or even if l really wanted him to suffer that humiliation.

John is home tomorrow and will be home most of the week, Josh is coming again next Wednesday, telling me he was looking forward to giving me another good fucking. I told him John would be here and wanted to watch, Josh hesitated but said he still wanted to fuck me, saying he couldn't stop wanking over the memory of it.

So that is my dilemma, l have to decide whether l really want to be known as the local fuck bag and whether l want John to have that kind of humiliation. I'll let you know which way we decide.