Written by deanne

15 Feb 2012

Having worked late, called for a couple of beers on the way home – it was quiz night, and there were quite a lot of married (good looking) women (wives mostly) in the pub. To get home, I have to pass a local dogging site, where I usually go as ‘Anne’. However, tonite was different. Feeling horny, I pulled in at about 11pm. Three cars parked up – 2 next to each other, and 1 at the far side of the parking area. As I approached, the interior light came on and I glimpsed a guy and a blonde woman sat in the front (just watching). After doing a circuit, I pulled up at the side of their car, and wound down the window.

Hiya, its quiet tonite, I said to the guy (looked about mid 40’s), and the woman was about same age. Yes, no action we were about to go when you arrived. At that, she got out of the car and walked round to my side of the car. ”Maybe you should stay around” she said as she opened her coat to reveal that all she was wearing was a black/pink basque and stockings holding-in her ample figure and decent sized tits – C cup, I guess. Her hubby said ‘go on, she’s been waiting nearly 1 hour for some fun – I’ve been frigging her for last 30 mins and she’s wet, and she’s sucked me off so she needs a cock’. I got out of the car, kissed her, removed her coat and soon had my fingers working her soaked pussy. She pushed me away, undid my belt and zip, and grasped my cock, slowly wanking me as she bent over to take my cock into her mouth – sucking its length and sqeezing my balls. My god, she was good and I knew that I’d have to fuck her there and then otherwise she would have another mouthful of cum but no cock in her pussy. I pulled her up, turned her to face the car bonnet and bent her over. ‘fuck me hard’ she said. I needed no second invitation and within seconds I was deep inside her cunt giving it a damm good fucking. Hubby was out of the car, wanking his cock and telling me to fuck his slutty wife’s cunt and to fill it with my cum. His words added to my excitement, and I soon shot my load deep into her, just as he spurted over her face. She turned to me and whispered ‘thank you, my valentine, as she bent over to lick my cock clean.

‘Come back to ours’ he said – but that’s another story. My first straight sex for a while – maybe I’m hooked.

thank you blondie – you know who you are