Written by Steve

27 Dec 2011

I have been engaged to a great girl for around two years. We are both in our early twenties and have always had a very good sex life. Shirley has a very healthy sexual appetite and likes to try out most things and recently I hinted at trying sex outdoors in the car with the added exitement of perhaps some men watching.

She was hesitant at first but I reminded her that earlier on in our relationship when during sex I had said that I would like to see her being seduced by another man and to watch her having sex, she said she wasn't sure about that but always had a fantasy about being watched.

Last Saturday night we went out for a few drinks and I volunteered to drive so she could have a good night and not be bothered about having one or two more than usual. We visited a couple of pubs out in the country and where ever we went Shirley was getting some appraising looks from a lot of the guys in the pubs.

She is very attractive at five foot two, blond hair and good body and legs. She was wearing an over the knee plaid skirt with a wrap around top and her shoes had about a four inch heel, she also wore stockings with the panties and suspenders I had bought her for Xmas.

She has a good head for the wine so was tipsy but not the least drunk when we started the trip home. About half way back I pulled into a small park which I had noticed on the way out there and parked up for as I told her a bit of a kiss and squeeze.

We were enjoyimg ourselves and I had her top pulled open and as it had boob cups fitted in she had no need for a bra, I was stroking and sucking her nipples which never fails to get her excited and had just started to explore her thighs when a couple of cars pulled in.

They parked nearby and while we continued to kiss etc two figures appeared at the window on Shirleys side. I asked if I should pull down the window and after a second of hesitation she nodded.

Once the window was down the two guys moved closer for a better look, they could see her bare boobs and erect nipples and also her skirt was up over her stocking tops revealing a glimpse of her tiny lace panties.

One of the men said my car has a much bigger back seat why dont we go over there? I looked at her and she nodded again.

They took an arm each and led her over to this one guys car, it was a newish Beamer and the back was big enough to play football in.

Just before they got her there the first guy stopped and turned to her and kissed her full on the mouth, I could see she was responding as I saw her tongue come out just as her mouth met his. The other guy eased her top completely off so she was stood there being kissed stripped to the waist with the second guy stroking her boobs from behind.

He then lifted up her skirt so it was up around her waist and proceeded to run his hands over her thighs and into her panties. Her legs buckled a little so guy number one opened the back door and pulled Shirley in after him.The second guy got in after her so they had her between them on the large back seat.

After some more kissing and touching they had their pants open and Shirley had a very erect penis in each hand. All three of them were gasping like mad and the first guy was in the process of removing her panties, the other guy helped so they soon had her down to her stockings, suspenders and shoes masturbating a penis in each hand.

They both knelt up and their dicks were offered to her mouth, she sucked one then the other until they couldn't stand it any longer, Shirley was lifted up and sat on the first guys penis while she continued to suck off the second one.

It was a fantastic sight watching her being fucked from behind by one man while fellating another wearing only her dark stockings and suspenders.

Quite quickly things got more frantic and Shirl came with a terrific orgasm just as guy number one ejaculated indide her pussy, the other guy followed seconds later and just as he spurted into her mouth his dick came out and I could see his semen on her lips and mouth.

They got cleaned and tidied up and the guys just got back in their cars and left.

We talked about it when we got home and agreed that what happened could be first of many episodes like that.