Written by Rob e

4 Feb 2017

I worked with a really hot girl called Donna, a gorgeous blond, 28 years old, not much tit but a lovely tight arse to die for. To be honest as her boss and in my forties I drooled when I saw her. Fucking sex on legs. She and I clicked in a professional way and She would talk to me often. She was not afraid of the cleavage, the tight skirt or tightpants. She did look hot in either and I often got hard looking at her. We had to visit a company some way from home which included an overnight stay and you guessed it. The day we were leaving we were in the office and Donna was looking stunning. I could see her side profile from my desk and was salivating. She must of sensed me looking and glanced over, stood up and walked over to me. My cock was rock hard and clearly visible in my pants. I wasn't quick enough to slide myself under the desk and as Donna walked over her eyes fixed on my visible erection. Her eyes slowly raised and she blushed. I blushed too and asked how I could help her. It was a genuine business issue and we stayed professional but we both knew why my cock was hard. We drove to the Hotel, checked in and walked upto our rooms. I was behind Donna going upstairs and her gorgeous arse was mesmerising. We went to our separate rooms to get changed. As it was summer Donna was wearing what to me was next to nothing, when she emerged from her room it was short skirt, sandals and a light top. I could not see any panty line though ! Just walking in the restaurant I was hard. She was stunning and by far the hottest women in there. Meal, couple of drinks and I could feel my precum making my undies wet. Time for bed and I followed Donna up the stairs, but genuinely I tripped staring at her arse and reached out instinctively. My hands grabbed her hips and as I fell forward I pulled her skirt. Down it came and she stumbled forward. In that moment I realised my luck. I fell face forward. Donna had no panties on, her skirt was round her thighs, her body tilting forward and I could just position my face to fall against her exposed pussy snd arsehole. In a split second my nose was pushed hard into her upended pussy. She pushed back, my nose dug deeper splaying her lips and I let my tongue slightly lick her fanny - delicious. I moved up quickly, moving my tongue up her and feeling it glide over her arsehole. It happened in seconds and then Donna jumped up and pulled up her skirt. I could see her fanny was shaved and smooth. She looked at me and I just said sorry I slipped. She put her fingers to her lips and blew me a kiss and turned and walked to her room. I went to mine and waited. I was her boss after all all and I had to try to be professional but if she knocked I would fuck her. But she didnt knock and I decided to wank my cock, which was spunkily nice. And that was that, a knowing smile at work but I never did get to fuck her. But when I am away from home and a hotel room is feeling lonely, I reach for the baby oil and oil my cock and wank myself slowly quite often thinking of Donna and her lovely arse and pussy. Mmmmm