Written by Markglos

10 Nov 2009

This is a short story which happened on Sunday while I working on a stall at Donnington market, it wasn’t that warm and was watching people checking out what I had when I turned round and was faced with a beautiful big pair of tits from this mature woman with a low cut top. Now its been a long time since I have seen a big pair of tits so I couldn’t help but look at them then the woman looked up and saw me looking at her and covered her chest with her hand. At first I think she was shocked and walked away from my stall, she wore a white jacket with tight white jeans and she had a very nice arse. As she stood away from my stall she looked down at her chest and covered her bra which was showing, then came back and bend back down in front of me, suddenly it wasn’t that cold between my legs as my cock started to get a semi, lucky I had a big coat on so no one could see my cock stiffening in my jeans. As I watched her which I know she knew I was watching her she began to run her hand over the top of her tits and down under her top which my cock stand on end, I was thinking how good it would be to feel and suck on her tits. While all this was going on I could see that she had a smile on her face, I couldn’t help but laugh as she looked up at me smiled again then walked away from my stall, I know it’s a long shot but if the woman in question is reading this Thank you! You made my day, and would you be interested in may be chating?