Written by andrexmk

7 Apr 2012

I work selling door to door and I love it I am a guy who is always looking to play and I usually find it, this story relates to a call I made last month in Oxford a rather tidy very mature lady answered the door and invited me in to talk things over, she was short plump and I could tell was not wearing a bra as her massive tits swung loose under her top ... Making me look and my dick twitch. To cut a long story short her phone rang and she had a short conversation with someone and hung up saying it was her toy boy lover and she was expecting him round but couldn't make it. I followed this up digging as I saw a chance to try my luck ... So your into toy boys then ? Yes she said I want more but he dosnt but I like the sex she said with a smile, I like older ladies I said what else she asked I said I like short busty women she smiled and asked what I wanted I took this as an offer so just stood up moved infront of her and unzipped she called me a naughty boy as she pushed her hand inside to pull out my dck which she went to work on sucking down to my balls. My hand went straight to her tits boy they were big and her nipples were massive and hard well I would like to say we fucked all afternoon but no with her finger up my bum I spunked my load in her mouth rather quickly her dark red lipstick smudged on my dick and white underpants she smiled slapped my bum and said be sure to call back ...... I will one day and soon