Written by doorman

26 Jan 2009

I have worked the door for some years in lots of places. one thing is always the same, the girls.

I was working one friday night it was about 10.30. in walks this group of girls mixed ages from about 19 to 30 i guess. One girl stood out as she made a point of walking into me saying sorry but i am sure she stroked my cock on purpose.

I was walking the floor when i saw her infront of me, she was just smileing at me. She looked quite sexy standing there, anyway i walked up to her said hello we started chatting. she leaned forward to whisper something in my ear and she bite my ear, she was laughing askingf was i going to take her somewhere out back and give her an beating. i just said if you follow me you will get something else.

As i walked away sure enough she was behind me. into the office we went then thru to the back room. i turned towards her she was a good looking girl nice figure tits, legs the works. she stuck her tongue in my mouth and was fonderling my cock which was fucking hard now. i put my hand between her legs she was damp and wearing no knickers, so i slid a couple of fingers in her with ease. bending my fingers upwards i was stroking her g spot with my finger tips, she was gushing and moaning and holding on to me for balance. she pulled away from me and fell to her knees and got my cock out and started kissing the tip, teasing it and playing with my ball. then she put it in........man i was going to blow so started thinking og strange shit to take my mind off it. it works for a while lol.

I was fucking her head hard, she loved it, the slurping and slapping sounds made me so fucking horny.could she suck cock.

I pulled her up and told her to bend over the unit , she said no she wanted to see my face as i fucked her. she sat on the sofa laying back with her legs up in the air.

she had a pretty well shaved cunt. normally i would ahve stuck my tongue in her but time was pushing on. I knelt down and put my against her hole,eased it in slowly, then qwhen all the way in i took it out them slammed it home again and again. she said hold my legs up in the air so i did. i could see her asshole under my heavy wet cock she was a good fuck this girl and i wanted more. i pulled my cock out and started fingering her hole she was relaxed and it showed as i had no trouble putting 4 fingers up her and rubbing the upper walls of her cunt. she was cumming and moaning my hand was soaked. I was aiming at putting my whole hand in and almost did, she loved the feeling of being opened that wide, as i have large hands lol. loads of her juice was running down her crack so i put a finger in her arsehole. not the first time this was done, she started bucking against my hand as i was fingering both her holes and playing with her tits as well.

I stopped playing with her holes and put my cock against her bum just pushing on it slightly then stopping the pushing. she was wriglling down so she was trying to make my cock go in her tight arse.

what a sight with her legs in the air i could see her cunt and my cock against her bum hole. I pushed it in and she fucking moaned so load, good job the music bloody load. i eased my cock in so deep she was panting and moaning and bucking on my cock. with my free hand i started to tease her clit with my finger she went fucking berserk, too much too much so i stopped the finger for a while just stuffed her arse full of cock. went i came it felt like it came from my boots, i filled her little arse up and she was already soaked i fell forward on her she we just stayed there for a few minutes catching our breath. when my cock went soft and started to get pushed out by her movement, she asked if we could do it again. fuck yeah i said some time this weekend if you want. she gave me her number and walked out the room back to her friends. About an hour later she came over to me asking if i wanted to come back or a drink with one of the other girls to her place, fucking rude not too.............she kissed my cheek and said see you later then.