Written by Alan

3 Feb 2010

I am a twenty-six year old man and I got married six months ago, my wife is twenty, fab looking, great body and fucks like a rabbit. I'd met her family of course, although it was a quiet wedding, I say her family but there was only her mother and a couple of her grandparents. Her mother mind is some good looker and very sexy with it. That might be so, but what I didn't realise was that I was going to get two for the price of one!

We had a honeymoon in Majorca and very nice it was too, when we got back the first thing Sue wanted to do was see her Mum, unfortunately it was one of those flights where you land in the early hours and I had to go straight to work as soon as we got home, so I didn't get to go with her.

Of course I didn't expect to see Mum-in-law when I got home, completely knackered, that evening, but there she was large as life and twice as sexy. I'd hardly got in the door when Fran, that's Mum-in-law's name, collared me and said, 'Sue's been telling me all about you.' 'Oh yes?' I says, 'So what's that mean then?' She smiled, grabbed me, and gave me a passionate kiss. As she broke off she said, 'Sue's told me what a right goer you are, we talked about it and she said she was okay with you giving me one now and again!' As you can guess I was staggered, 'This right,Sue?' I asked, she was standing by the sink peeling potatoes. She laughed, Yeah, that's right, you fair wore me out .... and you did things to me that I've never had before!' 'What's the matter with that?' I asked, 'You liked it didn't you?'

'Course I did, even at the time I thought that Mum wouldn't half like getting some of the same, you wouldn't mind would you? You can go for hours, you've got loads ofstamina.' That gave me pause for thought I can tell you! Anyway, they got on with getting the dinner while I went and had a shower. Afterwards we talked a bit more sensibly about what they'd said and the upshot of that was that I agreed to do both of them the next weekend.

I have to say that I didn't think it would be any hardship and it wasn't. We had arrived home early on the Tuesday morning, I'd worked the rest of the week and I steadfastly refused sex until the weekend, Sue didn't like that much but, as I said, she wanted her mother to get the benfit too and I wasn't going to wear myself out beforehand!

On the Saturday morning Fran came over to stay the weekend, she and Sue went out shopping and I stayed at home and watched the sport on TV. They brought back a take-away and we had a noice bottle of wine with it, I'm no wine buff but everyone knows about Chardonnay and it got us in the mood for a couple of drinks later. About eight o'clock Sue said, 'We'll go and have a shower, Mum can have one after, then we'll have some fun.' I got in the mood alright in the shower washing Sue's bits and giving her a bit of oral then we dried off and went into our bedroom. Fran soon joined us, naked she was and I appreciated just how good her body was. Sue and I were on the bed and I had a hard on already.

'That's a lovely sight, Alan,' Fran said, she came over and kissed it then gave me a good suck, she was no novice and I had to stop her before I spilt the milk. 'I said, 'Who's first then?' Sue said, 'We'll do it first, Mum said that she'd enjoy watching us having a good fuck, it's a long time since she had it.' So we began kissing, Sue's lovely kisser, a bit of fondling went on and I started kissing and sucking Sue's nipples, like most women she likes that. It was obvious that she was becoming aroused much more quickly than normal, so that got me going too. Sue said, 'I'll turn on my back, Alan, and you get it in from the side, that way Mum can see wha we're doing.' Well, an easy way to fuck, Sue raised her right leg, I slipped mine underneath and took her left between my legs which positioned my cock at her cunt. She was already open and wet and I slipped up her easily.

I started fucking fairly gently then got a bit more forceful as Sue moaned, Fran was on her other side and I watched her playing with her cunt as she watched. She was spell- bound, she'd shaved just as Sue always did, they're both blonde so neither of them had much hair down there anyway. Sue, of course, is quite tight never having had kids, and she's a lovely fuck. She was soon moving against my thrusts and urging me on, the way things were, what with having mother in law watching me performing for her benefit and the whole idea being very erotic, I knew I wouldn't last as long as normal. Soon I felt things coming to a head, so to speak, I said, 'I'm nearly there, darling, where d'you want it.' 'Up my fanny of course,' she said, 'but hang on a bit I'm nearly there myself.'

I managed to hold off then gasped, 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming!', and started shooting my load deep up her throbbing cunt. Sue cried out and I felt her spasm as she began her climax, 'Hoo, hoo, hoo!' she screeched, 'Ooh, you don't half have a lot of cum, Alan!' We calmed down but Fran was still wanking hard, my cock slipped out. Fran said, 'Surely you can't go again so quickly, Alan, but I don't mind waiting.' 'Don't be silly, Mum,' Sue said, 'I'll show you how quick he can get it up again!' She bent over me and sucked my limp cock into her mouth, as she worked away, sucking hard and wanking me, I began to get the feeling. Inside three minutes I was hard, 'There you are!' Sue said in triumph, 'Now it's your turn, Mum.'

Fran rolled onto her back, 'You don't need to mess about with me,' she said, 'I'm more than ready, come on alan, get it up me!' I mounted her, the missionary position of course, as soon as my cock touche dher wide open cunt she grabbed my bum and hauled me in. My cock slipped easily up her, 'Oooh, it's been so long!', she panted. I fucked her hard, I knew that I could do more or less what I liked because it would be a long time before I could cum again. So I gave Fran everything, soft, gentle, hard and brutal and she loved it all, 'God, alan, I'm getting the best fucking I can ever remember having she panted as I continued.' 'That's alright, Fran,' I replied, 'if I'm going to fuck you I'll give you everything and make it last as long as possible.'

In the end I fucked her for half an hour, by then she was pleading for me to fill her with spunk. So I obliged and sank down by her side, she didn't stop, unlike Sue, she didn't cum while I was fucking her and she finished herself off noisily by hand.

During that night I fucked them both a couple of more times in different positions. In the morning we talked about it, I played with Fran's cunt with one hand and Sue's with the other, we all agreed that we'd had a great time and that it would be a regular thing in future. I've never known such grateful women, I wonder though if they really mean what they said about doinbg it least once a month, Time will tell!