Written by Arthur

2 Apr 2012

It was a Friday night and my mate’s birthday, and the plan was a few drinks down the pub. I had spent the day at various business meetings about an hour or so from home. When I finished the last meeting, which had over run it was nearly seven so, the plan was home by eight thirty pick up fish and chips on the way, a quick change and then down the pub for a skinful.

I turn on to the motorway junction and all I could see in front of me were red brake lights. Bollocks! I was past the point of no return. I was stuck sitting I traffic. An overturned caravan in the contraflow was the reason for the delay according to the radio, so it was a long boring wait.

I eventually arrived in town about quarter past ten, I was thoroughly pissed off, tired, passed hungry and not in the mood to party. I thought I would swing by the pub, say happy birthday to Chris, maybe have a swift half then make a quick getaway and call it a night.

I got to the pub grabbed a drink and tried to chat to some of the other people there, but thwarted by the DJ and his Karaoke machine. I got chatting to a girl I had met a few times called Jenny. She was about 30, about 5’5” tall with short blonde hair and a figure to die for.

I told her of my shitty evening and that I was about to slope off, and she said she had work in the morning so could I give her a lift to the station.

We continued chatting in the car, when we got to the station we saw a replacement bus service bus pulling out. The look of disappointment on her face said it all, but she said. “Shit, I’ve got to wait half an hour for the next one.” She was I little worse for wear and as I knew roughly where she lived so said “Don’t worry, as I’m enjoying the company, I’ll drop you home.”

She leant over, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “You’re a star.” With that I set off in the direction of her house.

After a few minutes I noticed her squirming in the seat so asked her what was wrong, thinking she needed the loo.

“Um, it’s embarrassing.” was her reply.

“It looks like you need the loo.” I replied “Do you want be to stop at McDonalds, so you can have a McPiss?”

“No, it’s not that.” she answered as she continued to adjust herself.

I persevered “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone else.” was her answer.

Intrigued by her answer I agreed.

“I haven’t had time to shave my fanny and it’s all itchy rubbing against my knickers.”

I burst out laughing “I know what you mean. If I don’t shave my balls regularly the itchiness is unbearable. Why don’t you take them off? Promise I won’t look.”

“Thank you, that’s better.” she said as she put her knickers in her bag. She turned to me and said “You really shave your balls. I’ve never met a bloke shaved down there before.”

I went on to explain how I had been converted to shaving by a previous girlfriend, and since then had found it beneficial as girls seemed more enthusiastic when giving me oral.

Before I could say anything more she said “I must try that then!” She reached over, opened my flies and before I knew it was sucking and licking me for all she was worth.

I said “I think I better pull over.”

She lifted her head, and said “No, take the next left I live there.” As we pulled up outside her flat she said “You better come in, you won’t be able to drive safely with a stiffy like that.”

We walked through her front door, I shut the door behind me and as I turned around she had lifted her dress up and was just about to pull it over her head. She briefly stood there wearing knee length boots, a and a smile. “I want more.” With that she fell to her knees before me, undid my trousers properly this time and continued to suck and play with my cock.

She lifted my balls and started tea bagging me, while still wanking my cock. Such an easy way to please a man, but seldom practised. The joy of having shaven balls! By this time I was nearly there, so said told her she better stop.

She paused long enough to say “Come down my throat you can fuck me later.” I steadied myself putting one hand on the wall and blew my lot. She looked up at me and said my turn now.” With that she got up and taking hold of my cock led me through the door on the right which was her bedroom, luckily it wasn’t far as I was walking with my trousers round my knees.

She lay across the bed and said “Eat me.” I finished undressing and dived onto the bed between her legs and started licking and playing with her stubbly fanny. I don’t know how long I was down there, nor did I care we were both enjoying ourselves.

She eventually pulled be up level with her, rolled me on to my back and then started to suck my cock again. She moved herself on top of me and had without me noticing applied a condom to my cock and impaled herself upon it.

The rest of the night was a blur. I eventually left with her, dropping her at work. That was four weeks ago and we are still seeing each other and having the time of our lives.