Written by carol e

19 Aug 2011

My story begins back in 2008 moving into our new house with my gorgeous husband Tony everything was going great now we could start a family, Tony worked as a manager for a large mail order company I worked for Woolworths not on fantastic money but it helped with the mortgage payments that was 2008 then the bombshell hit company folded and I was unemployed, weeks past trying hard to find a new job but to no avail. We soon fell behind with the mortgage payment putting a strain on our marriage, Right carol tony said his can’t go on we need to downsize we don’t need this big house we can live quite comfortable in a terrace house, So we searched the local estate agency’s till we found the perfect one a nice little garden terrace well I say garden terrace it was the size of a postage stamp but the upside it came with an allotment behind, We spent the first few months getting the inside to our taste, money was still a bit tight due to the money we lost on the new house, Tell you what Tony I’m going to glow my own veg like everyone else in the row, yeah that sound like a good idea Carol, So the next day I was on the plot clearing space for the new vegetable path, That’s going to take some clearing I heard a voice say ,looking round I saw a man smartly dressed and very well-tanned leaning over my allotment gate, what you growing he asked, Oh veg I replied, needs must as I told him the tale of the previous 12 months, I need a job really but no one’s taking on.

What sort of work are you wanting he asked, I’ll do anything just to make a few pounds, I can find you some cleaning he said, yeah I’ll do anything, Ok then he said call around later, he said I live at number 22 or so your my next door neighbour that’s handy, I finished off what I was doing before going in to shower, I went around to my neighbour knocking at his front door, he opened it letting me in, I need it cleaning from top to bottom every week if you want the job yeah I said, Right then I’ll show you around, Every room was spotless this job would be so easy, How much do you charge, will fifteen pounds be Ok, No let’s say twenty for easy reckoning , Ok then say every Friday, yes that suits me, Sorry love I didn’t get your name It’s Carol I answered, and I’m Bill he said, Ok then bill I’ll see you Friday. That night when Tony arrived home I told I had pick up some work cleaning for our neighbour Bill that’s great he said ever little helps, Friday morning I was round at bills front door by 9 o’clock to see a note on the glass, don’t know come right in it read, I walked in mop and bucket in hand, there was no sign of Bill so I started my way upstairs, it was then I heard the shower running, morning Bill I shouted but he didn’t answer so I just started to clean the largest of the two bedrooms hoovering the carpet first unaware that bill had entered the room, morning dear ,I jumped sorry I didn’t mean the startle you he said, He walked over to the dressing table just a towel wrapped around his lower parts his body beautifully tanned, I don’t think you got that tan at a sunbed shop, No dear the south of France I have a villa there, lucky you I remarked, Yeah I spend most of the winter over there good for the bones when you reach my age I laughed but your only young yet, why how hold do you think I am, fifty fiveish, your way out he said I was 67 on Christmas day, my god I hope my hubby looks that good when he’s your age, he said thanks love, I carried on cleaning the landing and second bedroom and was about to make my way back downstairs when from the corner of my eye I saw Bill totally naked through the wardrobe mirror is back was towards me I saw he was completely tanned no white bits I stood there admiring his bronze frame having sexual thoughts, but it was when he turned around my heart missed a beat his cock was hanging limp but must have been seven inches long, I rushed downstairs not wishing to be seen staring , I carried on cleaning downstairs before I was joined by Bill, right love I’m off out so that’s your money and here’s a spare key so you can come in when it suits you. All afternoon I had flashbacks of what I saw in the mirror thinking if it was that big slack what would it be erect, my pussy was wet just thinking of it, That night when Tony came home I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me but all I could think of was Bills massive dong as tony shafted me. The day after I was on the allotment when Bill came over, my body tingled as he spoke, I got this packet seeds with a magazine thought you may want them, I said yeah thanks Bill, I’ll plant later, look I said, I’m just about to take a break fancy a coffee, yeah why not I’ve nothing else planned he said, so we made our way back to the house, once there he talked about his villa in the south of France and how it had its own private beach, so that’s why you have the great tan I said, yeah no white bits he said , yeah I noticed that yesterday when I was cleaning, Oh yes and how much did you see, more than enough I said, do you bathe nude I asked, yes love totally naked only a smile on, My husband Tony would have a permanent smile on his face if he had what you have hanging between his legs, come to think of it, so would I, if he had. Why is he not very well built he asked, about five inches I said, Yeah but what you’ve never had you never miss he replied, but that doesn’t stop you thinking what it would be like I sample a bigger one. Do I get the feeling you feel cheated Carol, well yes I do, I didn’t believe what I was telling this perfect stranger what would you do with a Bigger Cock he asked, well if you care to remove your trousers I’ll show you, what was I saying what if he refused how would I feel, I didn’t have time to find out his trousers were undone and his cock was released, it was massive not only long but thick with a bulbous bell end, it glistened with precum, care to suck it he said, yes please I said dropping to my knees taking the bulbous bell end into my mouth, it tasted so good he dribbled a little more cum which I savoured, I could take all Tony’s cock in my mouth with ease but Bill’s cock was a different challenge. I was really winning the battle with Bills cock feeling it slip down my throat My god carol you sure can suck Cock I was choking on it but I just had to have more, Bill was starting to tremble and I knew I wouldn’t be long before my mouth was filled with his semen he withdrew just in time to deposit his mass of cum all over my face then returning his cock back to my mouth for a clean-up, I was now eager to sample his Massive Cock in my pussy I striped off standing there in my own kitchen with a 67 year old guy and his Monster Cock what was I doing, Get yourself up there on the unit and spread your legs he ordered I did as he asked sitting on the corner with my legs at 90 degrees fully expecting him to shove is giant cock up my eager cunt but he had other ideas dropping down to bury his face between my legs, his tongue found my clit immediately causing me to cum something Tony had never been able to do, deeper his tongue delved in my pussy My nipples had never been so swollen and sensitive as he tweaked them between his fingers and thumbs I was about to come again, my pussy had never been so wet, I think you’re ready for bills Big Cock now Carol he said, I couldn’t wait as he offered his Massive Dong to my pussy I reached out and grasped it with both hand rubbing its bulbous head up and down my gash before entering it in my entrance, he pushed forward giving me the first four inch my pussy wall stretching to accommodate its thick girth, it was pure heaven he penetrated me more I ached for him more he entered me, Want the last bit love he asked, yes I want it all I screamed, he pushed forward one more time and I exploded my juices leaking from my pussy walls, he continued Fucking me bringing me off twice in quick succession, do you want me to withdraw or would you like me to unload into your cunt, in my cunt I pleaded as I felt the full force of his ejaculation hit the back of my Cunt, that was so good. Bill you sure no how to use that Big Cock Bill yeah I’ve had lots of practice he said, Would you like to practice some more tomorrow I said, why not I’ve nothing else planned.

Hope you like my story so far comments please if you’d like to hear how hubby reacted and my visit to France