Written by Hot Helment

20 Jun 2009

I had just turned 21 and was single again, god my cock ached for a girl. I was at my mates house party and nipped upstairs to the loo, but there was a clue and already one woman waiting - she was old about 30 and she just pulled me over and started to kiss me and just shoved her hand into my pants and grabbed my cock. I was gobsmacked and was wondering what the fuck was going on here. Her other hand was pulling open the front of my jeans and I just managed to ask her name - alison she said and I want to feel your cock and balls alright. Look she said, I just love cock now stop talking and feel my tits, go on, feel them. By now she had my balls in one hand and the other she was slowly wanking me. The bathroom door opened and another women walked out - hi Ali your turn - OK but keep this guy hot (can't remember the other girls name) but she just came over, slide her hand down my cock and started to snog the face off me. She groaned as she wanked me and I decided to slide me hand up her mini-skirt and what a surprise, her fanny was bald and so slippery and wet. I eased my fingers into her pussy and started to finger her, she squeezed my balls and said take it weasy tiger. Fuck me, I only came up stairs for a piss and was being abused by a second older women in the space of 5-minutes ! The bathroom door openened and alison walked out, walked past and into one of the bedrooms - pulling me and the other girl in. She pushed me to the bed and reached down and pulled down my pants. Start wanking boy, we want to watch, so somewhat reluctantly I took a tight grip of my cock and started to stroke it, both women leaned close and put there faces reall close to my cock - I could feel there breath and then they both started to lick up my cock. Then stopped. Let go of your cock, we dont want you to come yet. I was throbbing and my balls were so tight, so I lay back - Alison slide over me a pushed her fanny into my face, I was starting to lick her fanny, got about 3-licks in and she lifted off me, her mate then replaced her and she too ahad a bald beaver. My cock was throbbing and I could feel Alison moving around the bed - next things I felt a hand on my cock and Alison sliding her fanny down onto me. Oh fuck - beaver in my mouth and sliding onto my cock. She gave me 3-quick pumps and climbed off - then swapped with her mate. We just love cock they said. Her mate pumped me abit more and I licked on Alisons pussy and she started to squirm, I was lapping like mad and she got off on my face just as I started to come. Her friend rolled off, just as my cock started to twtich and was rubbing her fanny - Alison grabbed my cock and pumped my milk out of me. I shot my spunk up like a fountain and her friend groaned and squirmed as she came, watching me come. The girls stood up, hugged each other, straightened their clothes, said thanks and walked out the room. After I had struggled to clean myself up and got downstairs, I asked my mate her those too hot birds where. His answer amazed me - he said they were friends or his mates sister who where stopping with her for couple of days whilst they were on a training course - they were police women ! Oh shit, if only they had had on their uniforms - but who was I to complain. Still makes me smile now, everytime I think of taking down your particulars ! Just shows, they are just as hot and horny as the rest of us. Thanks girls - made my night and many nights after wanking on the strength of the memories.