Written by Yvonne

29 Dec 2009

Although I’ve worked in the firm for nearly five years without a single incident, this year, on the last day at work before Christmas, I ended up shagging my boss. I was actually off work but had arranged to go to the pub with everyone as they were only working half day. My husband dropped me off at the pub at about 2.15 and they’d all been there for almost 2 hours and they were all well on the way to being drunk.

Although he wasn’t drinking himself, my boss was buying the drinks and immediately came over to me as I walked in and asked me what I wanted. Uncharacteristically, he commented on how I looked by saying “Bloody hell, you’ve pulled the stops out, you look fantastic.” I was flattered although I realised I was a little over dressed for the event because I was due to meet my husband and some friends after the drink and we were going for a meal in quite a posh restaurant. I was wearing a tight pencil skirt and I was braless under a tight fitting grey silk blouse - and I suspect it was me being braless that my boss was actually referring to.

As the others got drunker and drunker I ended up talking to my boss. After only an hour or so he decided he wanted to go home. I wasn’t due to be picked up for over an hour, and I didn’t really fancy staying with such drunken people, so I asked him if he minded dropping me off at home. He said no problem and off we went.

To get to the point of the story, we ended up snogging in the car park of the pub. The snogging became really heated and his hands were all over me. He’d popped a couple of the buttons on my blouse and was squeezing my tits. His hand was up my skirt and I was a little frustrated because it was too tight for me to open my legs. He pulled back and apologised before he asked me if I had time to go back to his place for a coffee.

Back at his place there was no effort to make coffee. We went straight upstairs and in to his bedroom. He had my blouse completely undone in a few moments and I had his trousers undone and had his dick in my hand. He was trying to undo my skirt but couldn’t find the zip so I took my own belt off and undid my skirt myself and wriggled it down over my hips. I was wearing tights without knickers and so I had to get them off too before he could get his hands on me properly.

Next thing I was on my back on the bed with his head buried between my thighs tonguing me to my first orgasm of the session. Then he worked his way up my body and as he kissed me I could feel his bell-end stretching me as he entered me. He fucked me steadily and I came a couple more times before he pumped his load in to me. We rested for a short time until he recovered and he fucked me again about five times before it was time for him to take me back to the pub for my husband to pick me up.

He got me back to the car park about one minute before my husband arrived. While I was in the restaurant, I could feel the dampness of my boss’s spunk using out of me and onto the gusset of my tights. I could hardly believe that I was sitting trying to chat to friends only half an hour after I’d been shagged ragged by my boss. God knows how I’ll face him in work after the holiday.