Written by MaxSnell

6 Feb 2012

I have a thing for taking a woman in front of her husband. It all started about 7 years ago when I was at a house party in Sydney for my Cousin's 40th - I flew up for the weekend from Melbourne.

Like all house parties it started off slowly and I was kind of expecting more. Soon I caught site of a very sexy woman in her late 40's and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She noticed my eyes follow her around the party and soon we were sharing sexy eyes with one another.

After a few minutes she approached and I could feel a stir in my loins. Her first words were, " Hi I am Helena, you know that I am married don't you?" She could see my immediate disappointment and followed up with: "My husband Mike likes it when I flirt with young men so if it doesn't bother you we can keep flirting". Obviously I said it was OK and we started talking about anything and everything. Soon the conversation got intimate and she was probing my sexual experiences - with a focus on 3somes. I told her that I had only had one with my girlfriend and a fellow traveller (male) in Europe over 10 years ago. She said if I play my cards right I may just have another threesome with her and her husband Mike tonight? I went ROCK HARD at the thought and didn't even have to answer whether I was up to it or not.

Everything she did was intoxicating. Next she asked if I would like to find a quite spot outside with her so that she could smoke a joint. Being a non-smoker I don't usually partake but under her influence I would have done anything, ANYTHING!

We found a quiet spot on a bench near the back shed. It was actually nice being outside on a barmy Sydney night, we don't get many of those in Melbourne. Normally I don't find smoking sexy but watching Helena light the cigarette and exhale was super sexy. She handed me the cigarette and as I took it she let her hand rest on my thigh. It was no accident as soon she started stroking. I feared I was going to cough and embarrass myself but the cigarette was smoother than I expected and gave me an immediate buzz. My cock grew hard from her stroking an pre-cum was seeping through my jocks.

When I handed her thecigarette back she took it with her other hand so that she could keep stroking my leg and she actually started gripping my bulge and feeling my hard cock. I took this as a sign to return the favour and I leaned in towards her and started stroker her sexy inner thighs. She parted her legs to give me better access. I got bolder and moved up towards her pussy and could feel the heat from it. She bucked forward to push her hot wet pussy on to my hand and grinded it in sexy motions. I slipped her panties aside and started fingering her. She asked if she could finish the cigarette as she liked smoking whilst getting fingered - double pleasure she said. Of course I had no issue with that as I had enough already.

Just then Mike appeared from around the shed. I started to remove my hand from her underwear but Helena took her had off my bulge and used to it keep my hand in place and was actually pushing harder against it so that she was fucking my hand. Helena said, "Honey I am being so naughty at Chris's 40th by getting his cousin to finger me in his back garden." Mike said nothing but took the cigarette from her. Next Helena said, "I know you like to see me play with cocks in front of you" and she proceeded to unzip me and free my cock from my jeans.

Normally I take a good 20 minutes to cum but as soon as she started wanking me in front of her husband I wanted to explode and had to use all my self control to not cum. She was still fucking my hand and wanking me and putting on a show for her hubby who was rubbing his own bulge. Next she lowered her head down to my cock and started giving me such a great head job - this made Mike, who was till standing in front of us, unzip his cock and start playing with it, it was small and at best was 5 inches and skinny as. After only a few sucks my cock wanted to cum and I suppose it was the *horniness* of the situation that made me cum quicker than normal. I started groaning and saying that I was going to cum to give her forewarning but she just kept sucking with more vigour, almost taking all of my thick cock in her mouth. I exploded and she must have swallowed a bit as it was way more than a mouthful. Suprizingly next she stood up and started kissing Mike, her mouth still full with my cum. Her had reached around to grab my head and she leaned forward so that I could suck her pussy from behind whilst she was kissing Mike. He was fingering her from the front as I sucked her pussy and I even licked her asshole as she pushed it onto my face. She came so hard with my thumb in her ass as I licked her and Mike fingered her pussy.

We all got ourselves together and I was suprised at how friendly Mike was to me after what I had just been up to with his wife. I went home with them but that is another story. Let me know if you want to hear that part.