Written by steve

15 Apr 2008

My self and my wife have just returned from a short break holiday in Majorca Santa ponsa, we are both in our 40s and enjoy having a good time.

M (my wife) is a very good looking woman takes great pride in her self and does get the gents looking and chatting to her as she is 44, size 10 blonde hair and a very nice size shaped 34D breasts which is well portion to her body.

We arrived in the evening on last Wednesday around 7.30pm went strait to our hotel room dumped the bags freshened up and hit the pubs.

After going from one bar to the other we went into an Irish bar where there was a group from Cork 2 fellers 2 women whom started to talk to us and asked us to join them.

We all started to have a great crack dancing and mucking around and I could see that the fellers were well into paying my wife with some attention which she was enjoying.

As the night went on we all had gone through some drink but Not drunk just merry when the guy on his own ask M (my wife) to give him a hand up the bar.

I was sitting at the table and one of the women grabbed me to dance with them and as I was dancing with her she was telling me that they was staying in a villa and that all of them was just friends not couples but do have fun?

I did start to get aroused which she felt as we danced.

There was a small door which she danced me over to it then grabbing my hand led me out into this sort of court yard and upon doing so started to kiss me very passionately which I did not hold back.

This went on for may be 15 min with both of us letting our hands wonder and I had my hands up her top fondling her small but nice breasts, she pulled my hand down at one stage pushing it up her skirt where I was met with a very smooth shaved pussy with that a placed my finger in side which was wet.

This was such a buzz as I have been with my wife for 25 years and never done this.

Any way I said we better go in as they will be looking so she walk ahead and I went into the gents as by now I had a rock hard on which was oozing pre cum.and in need of some T.L.C

When I came out to rejoin the rest of them my wife was in the middle of the 2 guys around the table which they seemed to be having a laugh and joking around, the guys must of told her the same and she said that we have been asked back to the villa for some drink and as the music is finishing we should go.

There was still about 30 min to the end and the lady’s wanted to dance and with that grabbed me up again.

When I was on the dance floor I looked over at the table and I could see that both of the guys had a hand each on either side of her leg very high up and moving all the time which I was not sure but looked like they was on and off under her skirt letting the fingers do the walking, this sent my hart pumping at 100 mile an hour which haven never see this before but it did excite me.

We got back to the table and everyone was ready to move on so once out side we strolled up the road which the guys was either side of my wife and I was in the middle of both women which both group was arm in arm.

As we walked the short distance to there villa I think the group at all ready got it mapped out what they had in mind.

We arrived and went strait out to the pool area, and with that the 2 ladies took there dresses off which left them with G string on and jumped into the pool which my wife did the same.

My self and the 2 other fells was on the side and the ladies was beckoning for us to come in.

Next thing one of them removed her G string spinning it around her head and tossing it to the edge which the other 2 did the same which meant all 3 of them was naked.

They kept shouting off, off, off to us which that was it and the 3 of us stripped down and then removed our boxers and jumping in.

Both of the guys went strait over to my wife grabbing at her as I was grabbing the 2 women.

After a while the 2 lads had got my wife in the middle of the up against the side of the pool one in front and one behind and you could see action was taking place with deep kissing and much hand movement above and under the water.

I got out of the pool along with the 2 ladies and sat on this big chair along side the pool as one of them went to get drinks, and with this I could see into the pool which my wife was kissing the one in front very deep and the guy behind had her breast in his hand.

On the return of the lady who went for the drinks my wife along with the 2 guys got up the steps from the pool and went over to the other seating area which I lost sight of her for 5-10 min as the ladies I was with now started to kiss me and rub my dick which went up rock hard with out a second chance and with that I was kissing the one and has the other started to give me a blow job.

I know I should not have but a could only last 5 min before I shot my load deep in her mouth and she would not stop sucking until I had to stop her as I felt like it was going to drop off.

Both of the girls’s started to smile and jumped back into the pool splashing around.

This in turn got me to now think what my wife was up to so I ask where the toilet was and on my way went around the pool area out of sight of them in the pool until I reached the seating area at the bottom and I was stocked but some turned on as I could see the one guy on the long seat with my wife straddled across him and the other behind her pumping away.

This meant she was being fuck in both holes and the way they was going at it was like a marathon.

I kept watching until the one who was up her bum pulled out and cum all over her back and bum and he was wanking hard as more came out other her.

With this the other guy pulled her up and move her on to the seat and started turned her around and started pumping from the top which the other guy went up to her mouth and pushed his cock and she was sucking like made.

I could not contain my self and started to wank like made and as I cum your man shot his load deep into her pussy.

The other guy was still fucking her mouth and not long he grabbed her head and stopped which I guess he must of cum..

I quickly returned to the pool which at this time the girls had gone which I guess to bed so I got my clothes on and shouted my wife who came up with the 2 guys.

All 3 of them started to get dressed and with that I think we all new what had happened but did not wish to say anything so both guys gave her a peck on the cheek and with that we said good by.

On leaving we got a taxi and collapsed in our room and never said anything until the next morning and we both just said it was great but may be not something to keep reminding are self’s about.

The rest of the days we made sure we never met up with them more of embarrassment than anything else.

This was are first experience and hope its not the last…………..