Written by dave

12 Jan 2009

my lovely wife sue is great in bed ,she is petite and has great tits and arse and is very attractive, several of my male friends have expressed there desire to fuck her, when ever i can i bring the subject of my wife into the convesation, because i find it such a turn on listening to men telling me how they would love to bang the arse off her, ive told sue that i would love to watch her fuck another guy , we talk about whilst we are love making , but she has never got round to performing but im sure if the circumstances were right i know she would love it, so that is why this coming friday, ive invited a mate of mine over, ive known eric for years my wife knows him as well, we been out for meals with eric and his several girlfriends over the past few years, eric isnt dating at the moment and i know he hasnt had s fuck for about two month, so he is gagging for it,i played football with eric for several years , and have spent many a time in the shower room with him, and he has the biggest dick ive ever seen , its about nine inches long and about twice as thick as mine and ive wanked off mant times thinking about sue guiding it up lovely wet cunt, ive invited him round on the pretence that i have some bussiness to discuss with him, he knows that i would let him fuck sue because when ever he has told me that he fancies sue and would love to fuck , ive always said well go for it if youve got the nerve, and sue knows the size of his cock and the fact that he wants to fuck her , im rock hard as i write this in anticipation of friday , ive got it all worked out , i will tell sue to night that erics coming round, ill encourage her to wear p particular dress and high heels, whilst sue is preparing the meal i will pour eric a drink ,then i will go into the kitchen and pour sue a drink, but then i have arranged for a friend to give me a call on my mobile, with a fake call out, so that i have to leave sue and eric alone, and im convinced that they will end up fucking, god im so fuckin turned on . befire friday though w will subtly remind sue that eric fancies the arse off sue and would love to fuck her friday cant come soon enough, do you think ill get lucky