Written by ronann

16 Jun 2008

My wife and i had to go to aberdeen at the week end for some business, what a day it turned into. We finished what we had to do and then took a walk up union street my wife said she wanted to go into ann summers for a new dildo.This always turns her on when we discuss which one would be the best, she picked a rather thick cock shaped one with a sucker on the end so that we could use it to dp her when we got home. After picking it we headed home along the a96 when she said she was going to have alook at her new toy. She took it out of the packing put the batteries in and turned it on. What happened next on the drive home was mind blowing. She started to rub her clit through her trousers with it while her hand was rubbing my hard on,after a while she opened her trousers and stck the dildo in her pants and was getting hornier and hornier every now and then she would take it out and lick the end or pass it to me for licking. After a while my normally sophisticated professional wife said fuck this i need it in me and stripped off her trousers and started fucking herself with the dildo and at the same time leaned over and started sucking my very hard cock. We were at that time in some traffic and my wife was oblivious to the fact that all the lorries and 4x4s could see in our car and were watching what she was doing. She looked up at one point and asked if anyone could see her I told her she had been seen by about three drivers so far, this made her even more horny.She said she needed some real cock as well as the dildo in her and told me to find a spot to pull over, after driving for about and hour with her fucking her pussy hard i told her about a dogging spot i new but it might not be too private I dont care she said i need some cock now , we pulled in and she stripped completely and we started to fuck she had the dildo in her mouth sucking on it hard when she said i wish this was real, she has never sucked another cock an i have always wanted her to so i said if some one comes you can suck him if you want, to my surprise she said ok,We didnt need to wait long after being stopped for five minutes one of the cars that had seen us earlier pulled in it was a young guy about 28 who wasted no time in coming over i put down the window and without aword he had his cock in the window my wife just stuck her mouth round hit and sucked it hard for a bout 5mins when he shot his load in her mouth she couldnt take it all and it sprayed all over the place her face was covered some hit me she had an enormous cum andthe guy just left. I cleaned her up and we left for home i had to wait until we got home for mine but it was worth the wait my wife said she loved sucking strange cock for

the first time and cant wait to do it again and i cant wait to watch her.

if ne1 wants more details e mail me.