Written by Charlotte

8 Feb 2018

Hi. I am Charlotte, 30, black hair, 5'8" size 12 with 34b boobs. I wanted them to be a bit bigger but sadly they ran out of growing steam.

I am married to Ken, nice old bean! bit monotone in bed but we have enjoyed 4 years together, and he is funny. We try to vary our sex life, we watch porn together, even read the stories on here. I make suitable "we should try that noises" but to no avail.

So a month ago something happened that needs telling.

I work in Admin for a large stationary supply company. Our sales team had got a pitch at a Manchester convention, now because as admin we deal with procurement i got the chance to go. It was to be an overnight stop, and as the only girl i had a room to myself. yes the gentlemen had to share, budgets and all that. I had had a good wander round during the day, helped on the pitch, chatted to a few potential customers, and suddenly the day was gone!

The evening was spent having a meal at the Hotel and then the bar, i don't drink really but had a couple out of politeness, around 9pm i made my excuses and headed for my room. Crossing reception i needed collided with a recently checked in arrival.

I looked up at him and it was like a small explosion had gone off inside me. My legs instantly went to jelly. He was such a hunk, 6' i would guess and with a physique that suggested several gym sessions with weights. I of course had heard of this feeling but had passed it off as rubbish. We just looked into each others eyes for a what seemed like ages, until he eventually asked if he could by me a drink? I felt like i was talking gibberish as i tried to explain all my work colleagues were there, he indicated to a smaller bar off to one side. we sat chatting for about an hour, when he asked if i would go to his room with him? I couldn't believe i said yes without a moments hesitation. I was wearing a knee length cotton dress, bra, panties and open toed shoes with a moderate heel. Once in his room he took me in his arms and we kissed. Now i am not a prude but i have never known my knickers hit the floor so quick. as soon as our tongues explored each others throats we were scrabbling at each others cloths. Soon we were both naked, and on tip toe i put my arms around his neck. I could feel his erection poking my tummy. i reached down and grasped it (he obviously was not ashamed to step into a communal shower. He put his hands round my bum and picked me up with little effort and with both hands round his neck, and legs wrapped round his waist he easily impaled me. God i must have been sooo wet because he was in with no effort at all. (either that or he was a good shot.) he pumped in and out of me in that position. My head resting on his shoulder eyes closed and biting my lip. He kept that up for ages, then he pushed me against the wall giving him better leverage. At that point i had my first orgasm, i even cried out for the first time ever. Then he sat me on the vanity table, scattering his personal items on the floor. He just kept on and on powering into me. Next i was on the bed, i was being chucked about like a rag doll. I was flipped onto all fours and he re-entered me again powerfully thrusting in, after several strokes he slapped my bum cheek. I wondered if this is what the expression being ruined meant. He managed to get a finger in alongside his cock. This sent me over the edge a second time. I was being quite noisy. I suspected him of taking an erection enhancement pill, after all no one could keep going for that long. Now i was on my back, i was soaking in sweat and the sweat from his body dripping onto mine. He hoisted my legs over his shoulders and set about me again. Just approaching my third orgasm he announced he was going to cum inside me, i panicked, " i am not on the pill" i stammered breathlessly" Still going to cum inside you he said. And that was that, we both came together, i could feel his warm cum shooting into me. he collapsed alongside me and eventually we fell asleep in each others arms. I awoke in the morning smelling of sweat and sex. I need a shower i said and with that i went and got into the shower. Several minutes later he joined me, using the shower gel to soap up my boobs and massage them. Then with the shower gel rubbing between my legs, and me just standing there letting him. He pushed me against the wall and pulled one leg round his waist he entered me again. My suspicions about a little blue pill were founded, this session lasted no more than ten mins. This time no hangups about where he was cumming? Yes! he came inside me.

I eventually managed to get back to my room. Pack and join my colleagues albeit rather later than i planned. I spent the next couple of weeks guilt ridden and worried. But as nature confirmed i wasn't pregnant i relaxed somewhat.

Now here i am a month later, flipping my phone on and off looking at his number. I want a repeat, but no trip to hide behind, it would have to be a blatant lie. Also now i have looked over the fence and seen the grass is greener i want to go and lay in it.

Should i ring? shouldn't i ring? could i be so disloyal to Ken? It was though the most fantastic sex i have ever had.