Written by Sweeto

24 Mar 2017

So it was Saturday night kids in bed and I'm sat at home bored with my husband. We didn't really have a great relationship and I often cheated on him.

Was sat going through Facebook when I saw one of his mates were out so I messaged him and arranged to go and meet him with help from a lift from my sister.

There had always been chemistry between me and ian but nothing had ever happened. As soon as I got in the pub he complimented me on what I was wearing. Which I liked as I'd made a special effort for him.

Throughout the evening there was constant flirting and touching inappropriately while dancing. He had a friend with him who kept pulling him away from me and telling him it's not a good idea as I was his friends wife.

But I had so much to drink I was all over him and he just couldn't resist. We went in the garden for a fag and he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me roughly on the lips...that was it I was drunk and now I was horny and wanted ian. This flirting went on all night and at one point he had his hand up my skirt on the dance floor playing with my already wet pussy.

By the end of the night we walked back to his house and all the way touching each other and stopping to kiss against walls.

We got to his house and my sister was calling to pick me up but I wasnt finished so I told her to wait.

We got to his bedroom and was kissing and I got on top of him and was grinding against his hard dick I could feel through his trousers.

I could see how frustrated he was but he wouldn't fuck me.....he said he wanted time to be able to play with me with ropes and Blindfold's. By then my sister was ringing to say she was outside so we went back downstairs I couldn't leave without kissing him and once again pressing my body against his hard dick.

I never got to play with him and ropes......maybe one day ;-)