Written by foxy roxy e

19 Jun 2012

Id been on a night out with a crowd i dont normally go out with, the night was still young so i went back to another lads house who hadnt been out, with John and Beth. When we got to mikes out, he was drinking and had just moved inside after the bonfire hed been having was dying out.

After a few drinks and time to get to know each other better, Beth cheekily suggested a daft game of dares, we were all single and thought why not. The game started with simple snogs and gropes, Mike had to lick and nibble my nipples and even though it didnt last long i started to feel myself getting wet, and i could tell the other 3 were getting more turned on. Myself and Beth were dared to snog, Beth winked at me and the kiss felt amazing, id never been kissed by a girl before, but it felt amazing. Neither of us pulled away and before we knew it, John and Mike had unzipped their jeans, both producing hard cocks. By this point, i was far to excited to stop and got more confident and took Beths dress off and her petie boobs felt great to grope and play with.

Mike took my dress off from behind, undid my bra and let me 36E boobs spill into his hands. I could feel his rock solid rock poking me in the back and gradually he stood by the side of my and guided his cock into my mouth. I accepted it hungrily and started licking and sucking away. I was getting that carried away I hadnt noticed Beth moving closer to my soaking wet pussy, her toungue plunging into and out, followed by 3 fingers, it felt amazing. John came to the other side of me, and i had mikes cock in my mouth and Johns cock in my hand, i felt amazingly dirty.

The lads moved away and moved Beth onto all fours, she started sucking on Johns cock, i also got on all fours and buired my head into her hot pussy. Mike started dipping his cock in and out of my gaping pussy, i came instantly, but wanted more. John then picked Beth up and started fucking her against the wall, her moans were a bigger turn on.

Mike then led me outside into the garden, next to the dying bonfire, he chucked some more wood on and the heat and being outside felt amazing. He bent me over a chair, starting in my pussy and then eased his rock hard cock into my ass. Iv never liked anal before but he changed my mind. he grabbed my hair and rode my like the slut i was, asking whhat i was and to call his name. I soon felt his hot cum all up my ass hole, it was amazing and just as i looked over to the house, we could see John and Beth also climaxing agianst the piano in the dining room.

We left soon after, but all feelin amazing. We have another night out coming up soon, i hope we have some sort of repeat with those 3.