Written by AbFab1987

19 Jan 2013

J had started out as my boss, so when we first started fucking, it was perfectly natural to both of us that he had the dominant role. And so it remains. He is no longer my boss, but is still dominant, and I would have it no other way, as having him push my head down so that he can plough into my raised pussy is one of the best feelings ever.

We went out last night, I got much too drunk, and was totally a pain in the arse to him for the later part of the night, which ruined it. However, when we got back in, and were getting ready for bed, we were both horny and so started to get into it. He's recently shaved his cock and balls totally, and the feeling of his smooth cock sliding into my mouth is amazing. He held my head, grabbing fistfuls of my hair to force my mouth up and down on his throbbing cock. He's big, and wide, so it's difficult to deep throat him, but the sound of me gagging on him seems to turn him on more, and watching as I spat on his cock and ran my tongue all over his shaft was working him up. I was already dripping wet, and he thrust his fingers into my aching pussy as I screamed, and then he grabbed me by pulling both arms behind my back, forcing my breasts out in front of me, and pushed me in front of the full length mirrored wardrobe. I was naked except for my sky high stilettoes, which he had told me to put on earlier. He bent me over, but pulled my head up by the hair so I could watch in the mirror as he rammed his fat cock into my dripping cunt.

He pulled out of my pussy, and forced me to my knees so I could taste my own juices on his cock. We both watched in the mirror as my tongue ran all over him, and as my throat was filled by his shaft forcing in between my lips. He grabbed my hair as he pulled me up again, and thrust back into my pussy. he pushed me up against the mirror, and as my mouth was against the glass, he watched as I ran my tongue over it and licked as if it was his cock I was sucking on. I sucked on my fingers and then ran my hand over my hardened nipples and played with my breasts as he fucked into me.

I could feel him getting closer and closer as he was thrusting harder and deeper, making me scream with each movement. My juices were running down over his cock, and my thighs were soaking. I had cum several times already, each time harder than the last, and I wanted to feel his cum spray over me, so I could taste him. He pulled his soaking cock out of my pussy and threw me onto the ground as he stood over me, wanking, and commanded me to finger fuck myself and make myself cum again and again. I did, running my fingers over my swollen clit and soaking pussy lips. I watched eagerly as he wanked his cock, and then screamed in pleasure as I felt the hot cum spurt all over my body and face, landing mainly on my lips and dripping down to my breasts. He then pushed the tip of his cock in between my lips so that I could clean the rest of his juices off. I licked up as much as I could and sucked my fingers clean so that I could taste both my and his juices together.