Written by Husband

23 Feb 2011

This is a story about what happened to us when we got very drunk at the weekend. It's fairly tame I suppose but it did happen as I say.

We were staying in a country hotel just for a break, and wandered into the village to go to the local pub. It was a typical village pub, quite quiet, with about two dozen people.

I sat in an alcove and my wife went to the bar to get the drinks. We had already had a few wines in our room and were already well on the way to being a little more than just tipsy.

As she stood there she started chatting to one of the locals, an old guy of around 65 to 70. She got her drinks and stood chatting to him and I had to go to the bar to remind her that I was still there. We both stood chatting to the old guy, and he offered a stool for her to sit on.

She was wearing a low cut top and a short skirt with holdups. He was quite taken with her cleavage as he stared at it a lot. She sat on the stool facing him and I could see her pants from where I was stood to the side of her. He must have had a very good view as he was facing her.

We had another couple of drinks and he was telling us about the village etc. as well as having a good look at her pants.

She decided she needed the loo and when she came back she got back on the stool and he had a good look as she sat down. I then noticed that she had removed her pants and he could see her pussy. She was very drunk and very tactile with him and he occasionally put his hand on her leg. We were in a corner of the pub so nobody else could see and I decided to go to the loo myself.

As I got to the door I looked back to see his hand creeping up her leg and she opened her legs to let him get to her pussy.

He could not see me, and she was too drunk to notice me and I saw him playing with her pussy. I went to the loo and when I came back took my time to walk to where they were. She had her legs wide open and his hand was moving as he was fingering her. She saw me coming and pushed his hand away, and he decided to go to the loo himself.

I put my hand up her skirt to find her very wet and she told me she was horny as hell.

We waited til the old guy came back and then left for the hotel for a very horny session. She never did tell me that he had put his hand up her skirt