Written by dubaifuck

3 Mar 2009

From my last story...

We met at the 5 hotel at Jumeriah beach , she was wearing a lovely long red dress with some of her breasts exposed. She looked so sexy. I took her to the cocktail bar, we exchanged our day's activities. She was promoting new make-up at the new mall and i was tying up property deals. Both clearly jet lagged. After a few drinks, we exchanged brief pecks and touches (due to the Islamic law). She whispered, i've been horny all day , let's go to your room... I wasted no time, took her upstairs room overseeing the Burj hotel and the sea. As soon as we entered i grabbed her , tossed her on the bed and started to lick her nipples. She spelt so nice covered in her expensive lotions and perfume. I undressed her, she was wearing a ck tong and bra. I took them off, she undressed me. I started to stoke her long legs and moved towards her wet pussy. She had shaven and was so smooth. I moved in a 69 position and we started to lick each other. She was so good in taking all my cock into her mouth , flicking my circumstanced head and i was fingering her while licking her pussy lips and clit. I then turned around lifted her legs on my shoulder and entered her wet pussy deep. She moaned and increased my pace and depth. She closed her eyes and just wanted me to fuck her hard... With my deep thrusts we both came within a minute of each other. I then caressed her breasts with my hands and tongue.

I poured some more champagne i had ordered before, and we sipped it while sitting on the sofa seeing the sea.

She started to rub my cock again and it soon became hard, she took a sip of the champagne and started to blow me... It felt so nice, the cold fizzy drink , her wet tongue and her long hands...I just relaxed and enjoyed her..

She wanted me to fuck her from behind standing up leaning against the large window facing the burj. I took her from behind, held her thin waist and was pumping into her. She loved it and a after a good 10 minutes i loaded her pussy with my cum and soon she came too..

We took a shower, dressed again and went to one of the 5 star restaurants for a lovely meal..

She spent the night with me, fucking again all night. She left early and invited me to a house party with her colleagues in a villa.

hope you enjoyed this,.. let me know if you want the third version at her villa. This involved group sex...