Written by Letitallhangout

19 Jun 2008

After about ten minutes of stroking and sucking each others cocks we both became aware we were not alone. Id lost myself in his touching and sucking and likewise he hadnt been too worried in our surroundings as we thought we were well hidden. Obviously, the bushes were well known and the hunters were all around, two of which were stood wanking their cocks and watching us. I suddenly felt both a bit worried and at the same time, highly excited and naughty. My cock felt it was harder than it had ever been before and I was about to suggest to my companion that maybe we should invite the others over for some extra fun when he said to them, \'this is private, sorry\', a bit bizarre really when you consider we were at it in the wide open. Anyway, the other two got the message and left. My partner had started to lose his erection and was visibly annoyed at the interuption. He looked at me and said, \'we need more private\', and got up. I followed suit and we gathered our things together and without a word he took hold of my cock and lead me out of our nest. With him walking so close in front of me going down hill and not being able tosee were I was treading, I nearly fell arse over tit and he released his grasp. He motioned to a thicket of taller bushes so we walked over, the sun heating me up even more at the anticipation of what was to come and my cock pointing straight at the horizon, bobbing furiously with every step I took, dribbling more precum onto my thighs. God, I was so horny. We got to the thicket and he wandered around to the right of it and found what he was looking for. from the sand to just over knee high was a hole in the bush which he beckoned me to crawl into. I did as I was asked, his hands holding onto my arse as he followed right behind me. Once inside I saw it opened up into a cave like affair, rather like the dens you find as a kid you know? Across the back edge of the space was a low, thick branch which I went to immediately and placing my hands on it at arms length, leant forward and thrust my bum back at him with my legs apart. I looked back at him and smiled. He got the message and dropped to his knees and without pause to think, buried his face in my crack and I felt his tongue licking and probing my hole, his hands wrapped around my thighs, one playing with my cock, the other fondling my balls. I pushed back even further to allow him to get his tongue into my hole which he did and started to pump it in and out. Its been ages since Ive been rimmed, never mind had a cock up there and even though he was much larger than my first time, I was shaking with the expectation and excitement. How I didnt cum right there and then is nothing short of a miracle, I was so turned on. I was thinking maybe I should stop and get a condom out of my bag but he must have read my thoughts and started to rifle in his, while ever so gently inserting a finger up my bum and working it so as to stretch me more. I felt as though my opening was puffing out already like a pussy on heat and I couldnt have been more right as, seemingly within seconds, he was getting a second finger in without causing me any pain. Nothing was going to stop me from enjoying this, even a possible intrusion to our cave. Hell, the more the merrier.........