Written by tony t

30 Mar 2008

My wife Jane is 42 not bad looking after 2 kids,although a bit on the plump side.I have been at her for years to get some glamour photos taken in a studio but she has always declined.Our friend has of all things a photography business with studio and the works.John is 55 years old and lost his wife in a road accident a few years ago but he has some how got over his loss by devoting himself into his business.We were invited to a dinner party and John was there as well.As the night wore on and Jane was enjoying dancing with various partners I pluck up courage and asked John what he thought of Jane as a glamour model.He told me she does have potential in the right clothes and setting as most women do anyway.The next day I explained to Jane what John had said and she was not amused.i had to eat my words and tell her there was nothing suggested in our conversation.A week later John came round to our place not thinking he would bring it up but he did and what an atmosphere.Jane,said to John OK lets try when can we make an appointment he said next Saturday when the studio was closed.She said this just to get back at me or so I thought.During the week they both had been in contact not knowing to me It was Saturday and not thinking anything of it Jane went for a shower around 6.30 I thought she was getting ready to go out but no.She appeared dressed holding a small holdall and said come on then the appointment is at seven o┬┤clock.I knew what she meant and decided to call her bluff not thinking she would go through with it.We were let in the studio by John and Jane diappeared into the dressing rooms next to the studio.John prepared lighting and asked me to help him with a couch to position it in the studio.A short time later Jane appeared looking stunning in a long evening dress with light make up and her hair was tied up into a bun.She asked John what she was to do.She was to stand in front of the couch with a natural look on her which she did.I was taken aback by the scene.She was then to sit on the couch with her legs crossed holding her hips then her head.She was then to stand and undo her dress eventually letting it fall away.Asked to lay on the couch she did with her arms over her head and her legs slightly parted.John told her to unclasp her bra and let it slowly all away.she was left topless and I was lost for words. The next thing to go was her knickers I thought that would be the end but no she slipped them off exposing her hairy pussy,She posed on all fours and on her back with her legs open and holding her clitouros open what a sight when the shoot was over I gave her a shagging she has not had in many years and the photos turned out so erotic