Written by John M

17 Apr 2017

My sexy wife Karen and I met as teenagers and got married in our early 20s. As teenagers with a car we spent a lot of time in Car parks. As is usual we eventually had to get married because when I was starting to cum one night she wouldn't let me pull out of her so I made her pregnant. We'd have got married anyway, so it just hurried us up. We must have the record for fucking because we were like rabbits and by our early 30s we had two children and one on the way and still fucking every day . I was a horny amateur photographer and I used to use Karen as my model. She said as long as the photos were for our own private fun she didnt mind and after a few drinks she enjoyed out doing the readers wives in the mags that my pal Frankie often loaned me. At the time the mags never showed the wives fannies but Karen would masturbate with a banana or a cucumber inside a condom while I photographed her. Then when I went out for a drink with my best friend (Frankie) I'd sneakily take some photos and tease him. He loved seeing her photos as he had always fancied her. In exchange he teased me by bringing mens mags such as Fiesta and Escort . I used to take them to bed as I liked reading the letters and stories to Karen as it turned her on and we'd have a great fuck . Her favourite stories were about men sharing their wives. She liked the idea of being shared but once she'd cum she'd say it was just a fantasy. Coming out of the Pub after a drink me and Frankie would sit in the car park and I'd show him her photos and he'd stroke his cock while I flicked through the latest Fiesta. The photos were always explicit showing her dressed in stockings and suspenders, bare tits hanging out of her bra, some pics were showing her sliding bananas or cucumbers into her shaved pussy etc. Of course she never knew I was showing her photos to him . As wife sharing stories turned her on I kept asking her to tease Frankie some night when we come back from the pub. Eventually she agreed but said the only way she could do something like that would be to have a couple of drinks first then pretend she was asleep. She said if she goes ahead with it we could only go as far as sucking her tits then if she liked him she might go a bit further the next time. On the Saturday before we left for the Pub I noticed she'd put Jeans on probably to make sure I didnt show him her fanny, but when we came back she had changed and was wearing clothes she normally wore modeling for me. She was wearing her short button fronted skirt, stockings and a see through blouse and was sitting with her feet on the floor and lying back on the Corner Unit. It was as if she'd been watching the TV, lay back and went to sleep with the TV still on lighting the room. I asked Frankie if he like her new blouse and he said 'Its a pity she has a bra on' . It was so see through we could see she had her new black uplift bra on. So I said 'We'll be quiet and I'll show you her tits ' and he said you'll wake her up. I said when she's had a couple of strong drinks she doesn't wake as Ive came to bed when she's like that and fucked her and she never knew about it. So I opened her blouse wide , undid the front fastening bra and exposed her tits. Her nipples were hard so I knew she was excited. So I started to suck a tit and told him to suck the other one and he couldn't believe his luck. I broke her rule and unbuttoned her skirt but left the top button fastened so the skirt stayed on . The skirt fell open revealing her stockings and suspenders and the flimsiest see through knickers she had I pushed her thighs open and we could see her fanny through the this white nylon. She had me wondering why did she change from Jeans to this? . I thought it was an invitation to tease Frankie so I started by showing him her shaved fanny by pulling her knickers to the side. As he sucked her tit he said lets see you fuck her John. So I knelt between her thighs and slid my cock up her. Frankie was amazed that I was fucking Karen in front of him. Because I'd been drinking pints I needed a piss so I pulled out and nipped to the loo. I signalled him to have a try of her fanny if he wants cos he knew she was a few months pregnant. When I returned he was fucking away at her and I heard her quietly going mmmmm as if she was in a dream enjoying it. He then started cumming inside her and said he hopes she was definitely pregnant or she will be now. After a quick suck of her tits again he said he better go in case she she suddenly wakes up. As soon as he'd gone she 'woke up' and said 'I thought I told you not to show him my pussy'. I said you changed into the clothes I photograph you in so I took it as an invitation to tease him plus I couldn't resist teasing him with my sexy wife . She loved hearing me say that and said she was amazed she'd had the nerve to do it. I praised her for her bravery and dared her to do it again sometime. She must have enjoyed it cos she teased Frankie loads of times after that. About a month later after she'd had his cock up her a few times since that night (while asleep) I said to Frankie I wonder what she would do if I wasnt there and you tapped her up. He said he'd try if its ok with me so I told him she's going to a friends Hen Night next Wednesday. I said it would be a chance for him to test her for me. He said how so I said pick her up & she'll be either drunk or very tipsy so he might get the chance of a fuck without me being there. He said that sounds great and he'd do it even if it meant missing a shift. On the Wednesday night I told her Frankie had offered to pick her up afterwards and he'll not charge apart from a cuddle and then I laughed. . I was expecting her to say don't bother she'll get her own taxi but she just said OK but it might be nearer midnight. Anyway on the Wed night he was waiting for her when she came out and got in the back of his taxi. He said he knew straight away she'd had a good drink cos she was so pleased to see him rather than worry about getting a taxi , and never shut up talking about the girls. He drove to a local car park which today is popular with doggers. . He told me later that She didnt ask why he'd pulled into a car park and he assumed she'd guessed he wanted the little cuddle (As his Fare) . He had a large London type Taxi so plenty room in the back. He tried to kiss her but she wouldn't let him so he kissed her on the neck. His hands were all over her & she just let him even though she wouldnt let him kiss her. I knew why though as kissing is personal she said. She told me later she knew it was no good fighting him off plus she was in a sexy mood aswell after all the dirty talk from the lasses and of course the alcohol. She told me all about it later as did F so this is how I can write this. She misses nothing and noticed his trouser zip was down. He soon had his hands inside her bra and he'd felt her nipples were hard so she was enjoying it. Then he lifted her topup and started sucking a tit which she loves. I'd told him one time that she loves her tits sucked and it gets her horny. I'd told him when she was breast feeding she'd sometimes masturbate.As he was sucking her tits he shoved her skirt up so all her thighs were bare & her skimpy knickers on show. She told him she's very tired & cant keep her eyes open. So he said just close them and we'll head home in a minute. So she closed her eyes and drifted off and pretended to go to 'sleep'. She said to me later she didnt want him thinking she fucks when she's awake.

Frankie told me after he'd got this far with Karen he knelt between her thighs & started fanny licking. She seemed sound asleep by now so he slid his 8 inches of thick cock up her. He admitted he was so horny having her all to himself in his car he only lasted a couple of mins up her. & once he'd spunked into her he put her clothes back and drove her home where she suddenly woke up. When they arrived at the house I met her at the door and Frankie gave me the thumbs up to let me know he'd had some success. She came straight onto the bed and she was so randy , we had a great fuck. Her pussy still had his spunk inside and she was soaking wet and slippery. She asked if I liked batting on a sticky wicket and I said its not too bad. She said she knew he would want more than a cuddle but enjoyed a bit naughty fun in the back of his car. She also liked him cos he had a large cock which was about an inch longer than mine and thicker. She said she thought of a nickname for him, Donkey cock.

BUT before she had the baby Frankie and his family had moved away so after he'd gone we had to look for a replacement because she enjoyed being shared . I keep in touch with him so know he'd have loved milking her while he was fucking her. She produced too much milk and when she decided to try and dry it up it failed because she also wanted her tits sucked. Frankie said he would have loved the thrill of milking Karen.

I might add some more later depending on responses to my post.

John M