Written by Jimbo

15 May 2009

I have been reading stories on SH for a while and thought I would add my bit. What I am going to do is write about special events in my sex life, from the beginning to now.

So this first contribution should be from the beginning. It goes back to when I was 16 and lived in a Nottingham suburb, in a row of semi’s. My best friend Tony lived about six houses away and one morning in the school holidays I went to call on him, not knowing he was in fact out. As I went round the back of his house, I looked in and what I saw slightly shocked me. His mum, Jane was in the lounge, but was kissing a guy from up the road, John. He had his back to the window, but I could see that Tony’s mum had her blouse undone and that John was feeling up her breasts. She suddenly saw me and put her finger to her mouth meaning to be quiet, than waved me to go away, which I did.

Some time later I saw the guy leave and I hung around the street knowing Jane would want to speak to me. Sure enough, she appeared at her front door and beckoned me over and into the hall. She said that I had seen something I should not have seen and I must promise to keep it a secret, would I do that for her? I said I would, but only if she would let me do to her what John had been doing. She looked a bit shocked, but said nothing for a while. Finally she said, “Yes, but it will only be once and if you don’t keep your side of the deal, John will sort you out, and meanwhile, this is just between us two. You are not allowed to tell any of your friends about this, is that agreed?” I said the whole thing would just be between us two. She said that she will give me a call tomorrow morning as she needed to be sure Tony is out of the way.

The following morning came and I just hung about on the street, where I saw Tony. He said he had to go into town to get some stuff for his mum and he would see me later. I waved him off on his bike. Not long after I saw Joan at her window, beckoning me over. I went over to her house and she let me into the hallway. She said that we better go upstairs as she already knew how downstairs was not very private!

We went up to her front bedroom where she pointed to a chair where I sat down. She sat on the bed and looked at me.

“I guess you haven’s seen a woman’s breasts before have you?”

“No, I said”

“Well you have a treat coming then”

She started to undo the buttons on the white blouse she was wearing. As it opened, I could see underneath she was wearing a white lacy bra, with her ample breasts spilling out of it. Through the lace, I could make out the dark area of her nipples. I immediately started to get hard. Jane looked up at me and said;

“You have to get undressed too”

I stood up and took my shoes and socks off and then pulled off my tee shirt and then my jeans, leaving me in just my underpants. Meanwhile, Jane had stood up, unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, followed by her slip. She was wearing a pair of matching white lacy panties, through which I could also see the dark outline of her pubic hair.

She lay back on the bed and motioned me to sit next to her. She reached up and undid her bra and took it off, allowing her breasts to spill out. They were gorgeous, quite big and not at all sagging with big nipples which were sticking out just a bit. I gazed in fascination and she added, “you can touch them Jimmy if you like”. I reached forward to cup them and was surprised how firm they were. It felt so good to be feeling them.

Jane looked at me and said:

“Now we get to the best bit”, she reached down and hooking her thumbs into her panties, pulled them off. “Take your pants off too”, she ordered. I was a bit embarrassed about my hard erection, but did as I was told.

“Before you go any further” she said, “You need to know some geography”. She opened her legs and said, “Let me show you what is what.”

I looked in fascination as I saw her lovely cunt. She pulled her lips apart and said “This is my clit which is up at the top of the lips, but the opening here is my vagina, and that is where you have to go. Just have a little feel with your finger so you know where it is.” This I did and it was just wonderful, so warm and moist. My cock was now aching with hardness. Jane then lay back and pulled me over, reaching for me and opening her legs wide. She took hold of the tip of my cock and guided it in. I gently slid it in further and she smiled up at me and said, “This is not going to be so bad after all”.

I let my cock slid right up into her and began to move it automatically in and out. The feeling was indescribable, that first time feeling a warm silky cunt wrapped around my cock. I began to move in and out, slowly at first, then slightly quicker. I could hear her start to moan and breathe a bit deeper. I kept up a steady rhythm pushing in and out of her. I reached up and began to fondle her breasts. She murmured “Oh yes, that’s nice Jimmy, do that.”

As I kept up a steady pace she continued moaning, and saying things like “Oh yes”, Oh my god” and “Yes, yes, yes”. I just kept ploughing into her. She really got going then and her words got dirty; “Just fuck me Jimmy”, “Fuck me deep”, Keep fucking Tony’s mum”. She was moving her pelvis to meet my thrusts and we began to speed up in unison. As I was fucking her, her breasts were bouncing to the same rhythm. She was sweating now as I was and she said “Spunk me now”, “Oh my god”, “Fuck me hard and give me spunk” and “Fuck the slut that I am”. I replied with dirty talk too; “Let me fuck you Joyce”, “I love to fuck your cunt”, “Feel my cock up you” and “This slut needs a good fucking”. I started to feel myself ready to cum as she started to spasm with an orgasm. She came with a loud wailing moan but I kept fucking her as I came too, feeling my spunk explode out of me into her. We collapsed into a sweaty heap, both panting for breath.

We lay there for a while as I slid out of her. I pulled myself away and saw that her cunt was covered with matted hair and spunk, with more dribbling down out of her vagina. It looked lovely. She reached over and kissed me on the cheek, saying “Thanks Jimmy, this is our secret for ever”.

The next story I will write will be about the first time I had a three-some, in a Chester Hotel.