Written by Shirley

12 Dec 2009

Hi. I'm typing this on my boyfriends computer and have only just found this site a couple of minutes ago,I was googleing for something else and up it came. I have read some of the posts and they have got me all turned on.

I have been going out with Steve for a while and we are both Eighteen. Last night we were at a pre Xmas party at my bosses house, I work for a dentist in the town where I live and because we only have a small number of staff the guy who runs the place could handle us all at his place.

We were having a good time with plenty of food and booze but a couple of hours into the do Steve became totally shitfaced and had to go and lie down, to say I was pissed off was an understatement and I had this urge to get my own back one way or the other.

This one guy who we had been talking to before Steve got drunk and who had helped him to get to the bedroom was soon back chatting to me and to be honest I was liking the attention.

He kept my wine glass full and was very flattering and even flirted by touching my arm when making a point, and as we were sat together he at one point touched my leg under my dress.

I have always really enjoyed sex since being deflowered at sixteen by a much older man (that's another story) who really made it good for me so the attention this guy was giving me had my tummy churning.

He asked me if I had seen all of the house as it was quite a pile with loads of rooms and that, I said no and he said come on I'll show you around.

We were in a kind of sitting room alone and he led me over to the window to look at the view of the Xmas lights in the garden. I said how nice It looked and he said that that's not the only thing that looks good tonight, he pulled me towards him and I felt his lips on mine, after a half hearted attempt to say no and pull away I opened my mouth and felt his tongue inside.

I sucked on his tongue and soon felt his hand to down to the hem of my dress which he lifted up till the dress was around my waist and he held it up there with one hand while the other stroked up my leg and over the top Of my stockings to pull my panties to the side so he could caress my pussy.

I was gasping by now and he pushed me over to a large sofa and sat me down while he stood in front of me. My dress was up around my waist and he started to reach behind to unzip it, he pulled down the front to get at my boobs which were soon out of my lacy bra and he bent to suck my already erect nipples.

I was fumbling with his belt by now and he just stood there while I pulled his pants down and got his very stiff penis in my hand, I masturbated him for a while before he said go on suck it love, I opened my mouth and licked the end before slowly sucking him.

His legs started to buckle but I didn;t want to finish him like that so I said please fuck me and leaned back and drew my knees up and pulled my tiny lace panties away so he could see my wet hairy pussy, he hand came down to touch my pussy lips and I reached out and held his penis and put it in my pussy.

He fucked me slowly at first while his hands stroked my legs just above my stocking tops. After a while his thrusts got more urgent and I knew he was about to come in me, I looked across the room and there was a full length mirror on the wall and I could see myself being fucked by this total stranger with my legs up around him still with my panties and dark brown stockings and heels on and his hands stroking my legs. The image made me come like never before and I felt his hardness break after as he ejeculated in me.

We got tidied up and left the room seperately and rejoined the party. Steve had got a second wind shortly after and even thanked the guy who had done me for taking care of me while he was passed out, if only he knew.

Steve tried to get horny when we were back at my place but I had to fake not feeling well as the other mans semen had soaked my panties and stockings so that was that.

Hope you likes the post, I do have more to share if so.