Written by Slider1

22 Dec 2010

It's been over a year since my wife Shamiya sampled another man's cock for the first time, i'd posted the story on here of that one and only occasion so feel free to search for it and read it. Since that time a lot has happened most notably a new addition to the family (before you ask yes it's mine lol) which made the possibilty of something else happening some what remote, until last week.

I'll start of with a bit of a background to the story. For around 5 years or so Shamiya has been quite friendly with a local market trader called Martin he's in his thirties decent looking and has a clothes shop that Shamiya visits often. Martin is married but as Shamiya put it he likes to flirt alot and is one with the ladies. Many a time during mine and Shamiya love making i've brought up the subjest of Martin and how maybe she should work her magic as i'm sure he's keen although i've only met him myself on a few occasions. Shamiya has said she probably would, but she just thinks Martin's a flirt and doesn't look at her the way i think he was. Over the last couple of years though Shamiya has told me of various conversations they've had and it is pretty clear Shamiya has tested the water so to speak but hasn't or wouldn't push any further maybe for fear of rejection or made to look silly if he's not intrested.

The things i've picked up so far from Shamiya is she's asked if he would ever cheat on his wife his answer was he already has done and he left it at that, when he asked would you cheat on your husband she responded with a yes probably. She'd also asked if he has had a threesome before in which he remarked he hadn't and he wasn't really in to that, and she'd told him that i like the idea of a threesome and that she was told she's welcome to get another man from time to time as long as i'm kept informed. When i probed her on what his response was she said he didn't really say anything. Then the last time their was anything of note to mention was when she was 3 months pregnant she went to his stall and told him, his response was well that will stop me from getting in your knickers for the next few months, they both laughed it off, but it was at that moment when she told me that i was sure that he'd definatly be intrested and maybe when things setle down i said she should push it a bit more, although i wasn't convinced she would do.

Ok well that's the background of the story sorted out, so months later new addition to the family, Shamiya has been working out to lose the weight and get her figure back, and get back to a normal routine going out shopping etc. Which brings me to what happened last week. Shamiya went out Christmas shopping and after a few shops she went to Martin's Stall to get a pair of jeans for our nephew, the jeans she was after was a certain brand name, as our nephew is fussy when it comes to clothes. When she got to Martin's stall she asked for the jeans but he only had a couple left in that brand name niether was the size she was after, she asked if he'l get some more in before christmas, Martin responded by saying that he has some at home in his Garage, and that he didn't bring all his stock, he could bring them in a couple of days or if she wanted she could come to his home and have a look and buy a pair, as he was closing now anyway. He said if you like i'll drop you back off in town after so you can carry on your late night shopping, but if you dont want to i'll understand. Shamiya thought about and said i'll have to call my husband, at this point Shamiya phoned me and told me what Martin had said, my first reaction was i dont have a problem you going, but i think he might have another motive as it seems strange him wanting to take you to his house and bring you back, i said as long as you keep me informed then i dont have a problem, infact i was horny as hell, Shamiya though didn't think the same, and she said i wouldn't get your hopes up, and even if his does have another motive i dont know if i can go through with it, to that i just said no pressure just let me know what's happening and that you're ok.

Once they closed the stall, they both got in Martins van, and Shamiya said again are you ok with taking me and dropping me off later as i dont mind waiting a couple of days for the item, Martin said no problem it'll be good to have some company, Shamiya asked will your wife mind me coming over to your house in which Martin replied dont worry shes out all night on her Christamas Works do. It's at this point Shamiya thought there is a high possibilty he does have something else in store for her. She said it was only a short journey to his house, but it felt like ages as their was a nervous tension in the air, and all the way she had butterflies in her stomach.

Once they arrived at the house Martin let them both in, then got the key for the garage and showed Shamiya the Jean's she picked a pair out, and went to hand over the money Martin said you can have them for free count it as a present, Shamiya insisted though and still paid for them. They went back into the house and he asked if shed like a drink, and would it be ok if he takes a quick shower before driving her back, she said no problem had a coffee while he had a shower, then once he'd finished he came back downstairs, she then asked if she could use the bathroom, at this point she called me, to say nothing has happened, not to worry, that she had the jeans and he'll be dropping her off back in town soon, she did say however that she took the time to clean herself etc (just incase).

When she came back downtairs, Martin asked if she'd like another coffee before he drops her back off, she said she and took a seat while they made small talk whilst he was in the kitchen. He came back with two coffee's and sat on the sofa next to her, she said the air was filled with nervous tension, then Martin said, you know that time you told me your husband doesn't mind if you sleep with another man, where you just pulling my leg? Shamiya responded and said no as long as i tell him about and that i'm open and honest. Martin then responded jokingly and said i think you'd better call him then, which Shamiya replied i already have!

Not needing a second invitation Martin leaned over and started to kiss Shamiya in which she responded positivly too, whilst their tongues where entwined, Martin was fumbling to gain access to Shamiya's pert breasts, he'd sooned gained access to them and was licking, sucking and caressing her breasts. Shamiya reached over to undo his belt, Martin helped her along and started to unbutton his jeans then removed them completly. Shamiya's hand was soon inside his boxers taking a good feel of what was soon to be hers. Martin stood up and took down his boxers, his already erect cock sprang out of his boxers, Shamiya instantly reached out with her hand and started stroking cock before flicking her tounge on his helmet, then wrapped her mouth around his erect cock, expertly sucking and licking with her hand on his bum pushing him into her mouth, she sensed he was getting too excited and eased off, she wanted him to last. He then helped her out of her pants and knickers, and started licking and sucking her clitoris, whist she told him that she's waited ages for this moment, coming up for air he recipricated, and said he has too, but the opportunity was never around, and that with his Mrs out on her Christamas do, when Shamiya came to his stall, he new he may not get another opportunity so asked her to come back with him. He then bowed his head and continued to eat Shamiya bringing her to her first orgasm of the night. He then asked Shamiya do you want me to fuck you, i think the answer to that was obvious, he said he doesnt have any protection, Shamiya said it's ok i'm on birth control so dont worry. He then liften shamiya's legs in the air then slowly eased his cock into Shamiya's welcoming pussy, Shamiya said he was average size around 7 inches but knew how to use it, and pounded her hard whilst he rubbed her clitoris with his thumb. They changed positions two or three times but ended up in the doggy position, Martin thrusted for all it was worth, before Shamiya felt him twitch before unleashing his hot cum deep in her pussy. They both cuddled up before Shamiya started to get dressed. Martin asked if she'd like a shower before he takes her back. Shamiya said no i'll leave a little treat for my husband. Martin then drove her back to town, Shamiya then got in our car and drove home she got in around 9pm, i asked if everything was ok she said fine and asked if the kids were in bed in which i said yes i said you can fill me in later to let me know what happened, Shamiya just said yeah sure. She then went upstairs whilst i was watching tv, around 2 mins later i got a text on my phone from Shamiya asking me to come upstairs, i went upstairs and found Shamiya in the bed, i asked what she wanted she said she had a surprise for me, i asked what it was, she then pulled back the duvet to reveal her naked body, and said, a just fucked pussy! I was taking my clothes off as quick as possible, whilst telling her what a dirty slut she is, i'd soon spotted her cum stained knickers on the floor, and without wanting to waste another second, soon started to eat her pussy, trying to taste and make sure it had well and truly been fucked, we soon got into the 69 position, just before i finished off by fucking her swollen pussy doggy style, then ended by shooting my cum into an already filled pussy.

It was the day after Shamiya told me in detail of what had happened, it got me so horny that i was wanting to no every little bit of information, i asked if their was going to be a repeat performance, her answer was maybe if the situation presents itself. I really hope that sometime in the near future something does happen as the sex afterwards is mind blowing.

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