Written by dan53

5 Dec 2012

hi i'm brenda aged 58,where sex is concerned i was an early starter.too early some might say but i was eager and willing. when i was 18 i met my dan who i started dating we married 2 yrs later. but even from day one i was cheating on him we had our first date on the friday.on the saturday i was baby sitting for a neighbour and her hubby,bob the hubby had been touching me up for years whenever i babysat he'd walk me home it was only a few hundred yards to my house but we had to walk up a dark alley where he'd grab me and feel my tits and fanny. i loved it he had a huge cock much bigger than any of my previous boyfriends, at first he just finger fucked me and i wanked him off.but on the saturday night i met dan my future hubby it all changed.bob and sue went out at 7 but he was back at 8'30 sue got a phone call at the pub her dad was ill so she went to the hospital.bob had come home in case she was there all night. as soon as he came in he was all over me.i was so horny. i just lay back on the sofa as he mauled me.then he pulled me to my feet and put me over his shoulder and carried me up to the marital bed. he strpped me and got his kit off he was very hairy,his massive cock was very stiff and i reached for it "god it's huge it will hurt me" i said he grunted and began to lick my pussy he was the first to do that i soon came the he eased two fingers up me and finger fucked me hard and very fast he made me squirt anothe first. only then did he ease his swollen bell end up my hole. i gasped "oh fuck that's huge careful bob you're going to split my pussy" he laughed "you'll get used to it brenda a cunt stretches babys come down there" i groaned as he pounded right up me "see brenda your cunts taking all my 8" cock" i came as he filled my hole like none of the boys i'd fucked could hope to do".don't say cunt it's an awful word bob" i said as he bent to suck on my swollen nipple.he bit my nppple then making me shriek. he got off me "don't stop bob you have not cum"" you want me to spunk in you" he said.grinning "of course i do whats the point if i don't feel you cum in me" i gasped.he put his cock against my hole "where do you want my cock brenda" he growled. "in my pussy bob" i begged."no in your cunt say it or you aint getting it" he was leering at me,"please bob fuck my cunt i'm so horny" he thrust up me as i gasped he said "from now on you call your hole cunt ok" i groaned "ok bob what ever you say" he then fucked me so hard i almost passed out when he came he shot more sunk up me then any lad i'd been with,we lay side by side smoking and i said "bloody hell bob you came loads up me more than i ever had ,how come" he said "grab hold of my balls" i did "they are very big bob" he grinned "big balls make more spunk now you'd best get off home. the following night i met dan he took me back to his house and fucked me his cock was small and so were his balls.i couldn't wait to get out on the way home i called at bobs sue was at the hospital the kids were in bed ."what you doing here brenda" bob asked i need a good fucking bob my new fella is only little in the trouser department. bob smiled "where do you want my cock then" he said dropping his jeans iknew the majic words "up my cunt bob" he fucked me doggy style for ages before he filled my wet cunt once more. i knew then that bob would fuck me for a long time.i once heard him tell his mate in the pub ,"see brenda she's a good fuck"i turned to look my face bright red ,his mate said " your a lying twat she's 20 years younger than you" he waved me over i looked around dan was talking to his mates. i went across "sit" he said "tell mick how long i've been fucking you" i was really blushing he squeezed my thigh hard"about a month " i said mick grinned he lived over the road from me and was over 50 yrs old" i want some lass n if i don't get it i'll tell yer dad what a slut you are" that was the start of me being an old men's plaything.