Written by Wizzard

12 Aug 2019

We changed venue after a while ( see previous posts ) and started going to a night club on the seafront . Liz , my wife , late forties , just 5feet tall , now 36d tits , well rounded arse , looked 10 years younger , was still hitting the dance floor most of the night . She would wear short black skirt , hold ups , low cut tops , which always got the guys interested . She would dance with lots of men getting her arse and tits felt up .

One such Saturday she was dancing with her usual type , tall , thinnish , dark hair , but a bit older than usual at around 40 . She danced with him most of the evening , spending the rest of the time in a dark corner of the club with him in serious kissing and touching mode . I was , as usual , stood near the bar watching them. After a while they moved towards the back door where the security man would allow people outside for a smoke . They went out and straight over to the beach . They found a secluded spot and lay down on the pebbles . They were soon in deep kissing mode . Rob , her new friend , slowly unbuttoned her top and slid it off quickly followed by her bra . His hand went up her skirt and he was soon fingering her . He tugged her knickers down and off . He unzipped his trousers and she helped him to yank them down to expose his hardening cock . She was shocked by its size , around 10 inches an d very thick she told me , by far the biggest she had ever held .

“ Have you got a condom ? “ she asked him . He hadn’t . She was about to break our rule .

He eased himself on top of her and lined his huge cock up with her entrance and slid it in , slowly at first , and began to move it up and then fully out. She orgasmed instantly as he entered her , our second rule broken , but he was so big that she couldn’t help herself . She felt completely full as he slowly eased further inside her with every thrust . After a few minutes of this she was in continuous orgasm . He said “ do you want the rest of it now “ . She couldn’t believe there was more as she felt she couldn’t take any more , but didn’t reply . He continued to push further into her and picked up his pace . She said later to me that she felt that it was nearly inside her chest , her being only 5feet tall with this 10 inch monster inside . He suddenly thrust hard and shoved the rest in a good 3 or 4 inches more and she let out a large gasp as she took all of it inside her quim . He picked up the pace even further and they were fucking really hard . She was moaning and cumming the whole time .This continued for a good 15 minutes and she could feel him getting close to cumming .

“Don't cum inside me “ she gasped , just as he started to spurt. 2 or 3 spurts of his spunk were already there, but he quickly pulled out and covered her belly with the rest . She was completely shagged out .

20 minutes later she rejoined me at the bar , Rob had gone home , and she recounted me the events of the last hour , which she had really loved .

This pattern continued for the next three weeks when she decided that they were getting too attached and stopped it for the sake of our marriage. We saw Rob a few times at the nightclub in the following weeks , but he stopped going there and she didn’t see him again until about a year later , when she bumped into him in the town .

Part 2 to follow .