Written by Wizzard

22 Aug 2019

Please read parts 1 to 3 before reading this .

Liz arrived at Kevin’s flat on time the following week , dressed as ordered in a black short dress , hold up stockings and black lacy bra and panties wearing red patent 4 inch stilettos . Bright red lipstick finished off the look . Kevin and Phil , his brother were there and there were 2 other guys there that she did not know . They were Bruce , early 40s , 5 ft 9 , fairly stocky , and his son Mike who had only just turned 16 . Bruce was a “business “ associate of Kevin’s . He told her that she was to “entertain “ them . She knew what was expected and headed straight for the bedroom . Bruce had a good grope of her tits as she walked past him . She went into the bedroom and waited. She could hear the conversation outside . Bruce asked if Mike could go first as it would be his first time , to which Kevin agreed .

The bedroom door opened and Mike entered looking really nervous . He began to feel Her tits , rubbing and tweaking them through her dress . She stepped back and got him to unzip her dress , which gently slid off . His eyes were on stalks as she got him to undo her bra and take it off . She tugged her panties down and stepped out of them and lay on the bed . She told him to get naked and join her , which he very quickly did . He was about 6 ft tall and very slim . He got on the bed and began sucking a tit while playing with the other one . This continued for a few minutes . He then asked if he could kiss her , which she agreed to and they were soon in deep kissing mode , his tongue entwined with hers . He was now fingering her moist hole and she was getting worked up , as was he . She was wanking his cock , which was about 7 inches but very thin . She asked if he was ready. He nodded. She shuffled underneath him and opened her legs to give him access . He got on top and she guided him inside her . He rammed it straight up to the hilt causing her to take a sharp intake of breath . He was fucking her really hard and she orgasmed really quickly to her surprise . He recognised it and it spurred him on and he seemed to get even faster . He fucked her for another couple of minutes and then shot his load into her , causing her to cum again . He slid out and they both lay there for a minute gasping . He thanked her then dressed rapidly and went out the door .

As soon as he left his dad Bruce entered . Liz was still laying there with legs wide open recovering from the fucking she had just had . In seconds Bruce had his jeans , pants and shoes off . He climbed on the bed , took hold of her legs and put them over his shoulders . He shoved his cock, only about 4 inches long , but fat , into her . He fucked her for a very few minutes and then added his spunk to that of his son . He got up and put his clothes and left . No words were said the whole time . As he went out Mike came back in . He was hard again as only a teenager could be.

To be continued.