Written by Wizzard

22 Aug 2019

Young Mike had come back into the bedroom after his dad had fucked Liz . He said “can we do it again “ . Liz smiled and nodded . He had his clothes off in a flash and got on the bed again . He was rock hard again . They kissed deeply as he climbed on top . She spread her legs and he entered her and started to fuck her . He was banging her hard with his 7 inches . She orgasmed very quickly and held his arse as he continued to fuck as hard and fast as he could . He lasted longer this time , about 10 minutes before he shot his second load of the day as they both screamed to orgasm . He got out of the bed , leant over and kissed her again . He thanked her , quickly got dressed and went out of the bedroom .

Liz lay there contemplating the last 30 minutes . She had had her first Virgin twice plus her first father and son.

The door opened and Kevin came in . He was naked and his 7 inch thick cock was already hard . He moved it towards her lips, she knew what was expected and took him in her mouth and began to suck him . He moved her round so that she was side ways on the bed as she sucked him . Phil , his brother came in, , also naked and hard , went round to the other side of the bed , positioned himself behind her and slowly pushed himself into her from behind . They spit roasted her for a good 20 minutes before Phil shot up her . She was still sucking on Kevin .

He pulled out of her mouth , told her to get on her back and mounted her . “ Nice and well lubed “ he said as he fucked her “ are you enjoying yourself ? “ She nodded as she concentrated on the hard fucking she was getting . She really didn’t like Kevin but she responded to his great technique and orgasmed several times as he pounded her . He built up his speed and after about 30 minutes he said that he was cumming and shot 5 or 6 times into her as she orgasmed yet again .

He climbed off and said To her to be there an hour earlier next week and went out of the bedroom . She got dressed an d left .

She arrived at the appointed time the following week .

To be continued .