Written by Wizzard

27 Aug 2019

Liz arrived at Kevins flat as stipulated the following week at 1pm . He was there with 4 others men that she didn’t know . More “ business associates” of Kevin . 2 were mid 20s , one around 40 and an older guy about mid 60s . Kevin ordered her into the bedroom . The 2 younger men followed . She knew what was to follow . They told her to strip which she quickly did . She lay on the bed . One sucked her tits while the other had 2 fingers up her cunt . She was loving it . Soon they both undressed to show their hard cocks. One was an impressive 7 inches , the other only slightly smaller, both thick . She sucked them in turn. The taller of the 2 , and the bigger cock , then told her to lay on the bed . He climbed on top of her and pushed his thick 7 inches all the way inside her , taking her breath away . He pulled it all the way out before shoving it all the way up again . He did this for several minutes bringing her to orgasm . He then started to thrust with more pace as he got into his rhythm . She was in ecstasy as he fucked her. After 10 minutes or so she felt him tense up as he shouted for her to take his cum and spurted a full load inside .

As soon as he got himself off her his mate took his place . He got into a rhythm very soon and was really hammering into her . It only took him a short while before he shot into her .

They both fucked her again in the next hour and left the room . The man in his 60s entered . He immediately took his clothes off and presented his smallish cock to her which she started to wank . He was soon hard and told her to lay back . He got on top of her and fucked her . He only lasted a short time and added his cum to that of the other 2 .

The last one then came in as the older man left . He told her to get off the bed and bend over the side . She heard him unzip his trousers and then shove his cock straight up her . He fondled her tits while he shafted her . He soon shot his load , zipped up and rapidly exited. She heard the outside door open and close as they left , leaving her with only Kevin left . He told her that he didn’t have time to fuck her then and that she could go and return next week .

As she was walking back to her car she met young Mike , the 16 year old who had had her the previous week . He had been waiting for her . There was a real connection between them , despite the 30 plus age gap . He desperately wanted her again and after some discussion she agreed to meet him at his house the following Thursday afternoon when he would be home alone . She had a real feeling for him .

She continued to go to Kevin’s flat for the next couple of months , being fucked by up to 5 men on each visit , usually different ones each week , none of whom she knew , and also went to Mikes home each Thursday where they fucked . He persuaded her to let one of his friends join in so she was then fucking two 16 year olds every Thursday .

She said that she had had sex with 29 different guys over this period and told Kevin that she would stop coming . Our sex life had unsurprisingly dwindled somewhat .

He said there was 2 more guys that he needed her to meet and that they would arrive on the Friday and told her to meet them at the local upmarket hotel in the evening . She turned up and met them as arranged . They were Dutch guys , both in their 30s . They had dinner together and they then took her to their bedroom where they spent the whole night “ making love “ to her in every position imaginable as she put it . One of her best nights ever she said . She met them twice more in the following weeks as they visited from the continent , following the same routine both times .

Liz really got into fucking Mike and his friend John and this carried on for some time . We eventually settled back to our “ normal” life for a while ......

More to follow