Written by Nawty

29 Mar 2016

We are a straight MF couple in our mid 40's.

We been away for Easter, just got back today. Both out Easter meetups confirmed, it seems older gents keep to their word. We met the first one Sunday. We are meeting the next Thursday ...

A pleasant trip to a Cotswold hotel, our meet was a widower in his 70's. Weather was pretty dire.

He was officially the oldest guy we have met. He had a fetish for washing girls clean and we had an interesting time while he took my GF to the bath and washed her from head to foot.

In a jovial manner we commented she is a clean person but he said it wasn't about that, just he liked soaping her down.. which he did diligently LOL .

Then he spent the evening calling her a dirty girl but he mean't it as dirty in the literal sense.

Due to the really awful weather we stayed in the hotel room where he then spent the majority of the evening removing her panties and replacing them for clean ones, after about ten pairs she ran out.

We were not sure what he was getting out of it but it was both funny and sexy to watch. This went on for over two hours until eventually he was hard and lowered her onto his cock. He didn't last longer than ten minutes and shot his load.

He then told us we were a great couple and he bid us farewell and went to his room. LOL

We have another meet Thursday, another older guy, Should be another experience!