Written by Dirtydeviant

8 May 2007

I have been going to gay saunas in Edinburgh for a couple of years now. Some visits are fun, some are a bit boring. The other day I had one of my favourite visits to date.

I arrived at my favourite sauna around lunchtime. I undressed and showered as usual and had a lie down in the sauna. A few guys came and went but not much was happening. After about 20 mins I wandered into the steam room and sat with my towel beside me. An older man cam in and sat next to me and I could tell he was looking at my cock. This made me stand to attention and he reached put and started slowly wanking my cock. I looked down at his cock but as it was dark and steamy, I couldn't see anything. I slipped off my seat and knelt in from of him to have a good look. I took it in my hands and was pleasantly surprised to find it was thick enough to prevent my getting my fingers all the way round it. It was rock hard, partly due to the cock ring he was wearing. It looked clean so I took it in my mouth and began sucking and licking it's length.

I must have done a good job because he invited me to a private room. Once inside he lay on his back and let my lick around his bell end and suck his cock and balls. I could taste some pre-cum and he kept pulling it from my mouth, saying he didn't want to come yet. He asked if he could fuck me. I love the feeling of a cock slipping in and out of my ass but I was pretty sure my hole wasn't going to take this but nothing ventured, nothing gained! I unwrapped a condom and unrolled it down his lovely thick shaft. I gave his cock a quick suck (I think I have a bit of a latex/condom fetish!) and he stood up and bent me over the bench. I could feel him lubing my hole and he slipped one, then two, fingers in me. I could feel his rounded cock head against my hole and he began pressing. Suddenly the head slipped into me and unfortunately it hurt quite a bit. He pulled out and made me lie flat on my stomach. He lay on top of me and again I could feel his cock against me hole. Unfortunately again it hurt too much and we had to stop trying. A shame, as I'd have loved his thick cock in me. We went our separate ways and I wandered off to the showers for a while before heading to the dark room.

Initially I couldn't see a thing in the dark room. I could hear some heavy breathing and a slapping noise. It sounded like someone was getting a good fucking. I inched my way into he darkness to a bench and sat down, waiting for my eyes to grow accustomed to the dark. Eventually I could make out about six figures doing various things to each other. One guy was bent over and was getting roughly fucked from behind while a man to his front was stuffing his cock into his mouth. Another guy was sucking off an older man, two more were watching and wanking. The room was warm and smelt of cum. I became aware of a man sitting to my left. I reached over and felt a familiar cock, it was the guy who had tried to fuck me earlier. I stood up, turned to him and bent at the waist to suck that lovely cock again. I was hoping someone would get the hint and before long, I could feel a finger slip into my still lubed hole. I reached behind be and felt for a cock. Unfortunately it was tiny. I couldn't win!! Two guys wanted to fuck my ass, one way too big and the other way too small. If I could have taken the average, I'd have been sorted!!

I stood up and was leaving the dark room when someone reached out and grabbed my cock. This person stuffed it in his mouth and started giving me a fantastic blow job. After a few divine minutes he stood up and led me bu the hand to a empty room. I got my first look at him. He was taller than me, slim and had a nice seven or eight inch cock. He lay me down on the bench and knelt above me, feeding his cock into my mouth as he started licking my bell end in a fantastic 69. I could see his ball sack and ass above my face as he gently fucked my mouth. He gently began lubing my ass further with is own spit and worked a finger into me. This was great. I wasn't sure if he was a pitcher or a catcher up to this point and it was beginning to look as if I could look forward to some lovely fucking.

He stood up and sat on my cock so his cock was against mine, underside to underside. He lay down and began gently thrusting against me. It was heaven, like being wanked with another body. He then moved between my legs and started slipping one then two then (I think) three finger into me. Very gently and very slowly. If the first guy had done this I think I could have taken him. shame. I was so horny at this point. I had to move his hand off my cock as I was afraid I'd come too soon and I was loving this attention to my cock, balls and ass.

He asked me if I wanted fucked. I don't think I've ever said yes to a question as quick before in all my life. I was gagging for it. He unrolled a condom down that lovely shaft and lubed up his cock. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and bent forward. I could feel his cock against my gaping hole as he pressed gently into me. I could feel my hole open and rhen a "pop" as his head slipped past my ass hole. He slowly pushed his cock into my until I could feel his ball sack against me. He held it there for a while, letting me get used to his penetration. It felt wonderful! I was full of cock. He had carefully prepared me for his lovely meat and it was great!

He then slowly started fucking me. Pulling almost out of me before pushing back in. Again and again. He started speeding up and thrusting harder and harder. I could take it no more. I started spurting stream after stream of thick spunk over my chest, over his chest, even got some on my face. This seemed to turn him on as he groaned, thrust as far into me as he could and started to pump his cum into the condom in my ass.

He held me for a while, as his cock softened and eventually fell out of me. We kissed and he licked my cum off my face. He bent down, licked a drop of cum off my cock and left with a smile.

That was the most fantastic fuck I have had at that sauna. I have had lots, but this was the best. If you're reading this Chris, I hope we meet again and many many thanks.

I have lots more true tales of saunas, cruising and dogging in and around edinburgh. I'll post some more soon. I am always up for more fun to write about. If you would like to star in a future tale of filth, drop me a line............