Written by Rob Leeds

5 Nov 2009

Some years ago I was sent on a course to learn more about my job.

It was held in a rather expensive hotel in an East coast seaside resort,with views over the bay from my room window.

Very nice, and to top it all we had room service in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee to wake us up..

My room was on the fourth floor and I used to the window looking at the view and getting some fresh air first thing in the mmornings.

Tea used to arrive about 7.30 so I usually stayed in bed until it came, delivered by a woman about 50 ish, not bad looking and with a good figure for her age.

She normaly put the tray on the bed side table and left.

Once she had gone I used to get up,I sleep naked, and go over to the window.

No chance of anyone below seeing me as the sill was waist high and I was four floures up.

This particular morning she had placed the tray and left soI got up and walked to the window.

I heard a tap on the door and it immediatly opened and she walked back in again.

She apologised and said she had forgoten the sugar.

I stood transfixed as she put the bowl on the tray and then instead of leaving asked if there was anything else I might want.

So shit, I thought here I am naked, she doesn't look as though she is going so I said I wouldn't mind anything she had to offer.

She turned and dropped the lock on the door and came over to where I was standing.

She told me that she had already seen my prick as her utility room was next to the bents toilet and she had a peephole through so she could see into the urinals.

And that among the guys on my course she said I had the best looking prick, not the biggest but the one she liked to see most.

I was now facing her, stark naked as she stood in front of me and slowly slipped off ther overall.

Underneath all she had on was a matching set, black bra and knickers, very thin material.

She came and stood close with her back to me.

I had the bra off in seconds.

Then she turned to face me and slipped her panties down and stepped out of them.

I pulled her towards me and our bodies melded together my now fully erect prick poking striaght between her legs into the warmth of her crutch.

We kissed and I felt her legs part wider and her hand go down and guide my prick to her slit.

She pushed her lower body forwards and I slid inside her slowly.

Once in she began to moan and bite my lips then she began to thrust slowly taking me deep into her each time and pressing me back onto the window sill.

I was now near to shooting my juice and I asked if she wanted it in her.

She said she didn't and immediatly pulled back causing me to slip out of her.

Then without warning she dropped to her knees and took my throbbing member in her mouth and sucked hard at the same time gripping my balls round the root and tightening them in her grip.

Her other hand reached round and I felt her fingers scratching my anal ring, one finger probing into it.

That was it I had no alternative to let go.

My spunk burst out on violent throbs as she sucked harder and probed deeper.

When I was stated she stood up.

I stood gasping, my arse on the window ledge my prick still jerking as it went slack.

She walked across the room slipped into her overall, put her undies in her pocket and unlocked the door.

As she left she said, "Same time tommorow then"?