Written by sue

5 Aug 2015

i have just got back from a two week holiday in sharm ,a few of us went without our husbands.. i am 50 , but still have a decent body ,shaved pussy etc . my husband did say before i went what happens in egypt stays in egypt ,he did say i could have fun. for some reason blondes attract a lot of attention ,we had been there a week ,well tanned by now ,and always getting chatted up by the young egyptians . one day ,i was asked if i wanted a massage , so i thought why not.

i went to the massage parlour ,and was met by a boy to me called amhed or something about 23 years old .he took me in and told me to go put a towel on .it was short ,so i put it on ,then got on the table face down , it was hot and sweaty in there ,then he came out he was wearing a short silky dressing gown.

he started pouring oil over me ,then rubbing it in starting at my ankles ,he worked his way up my legs to my thighs ,taking a bit longer on my thighs just to were the towel finished ,about 6" below my pussy , then he moved the towel higher exposing my bum ,his hands got higher till he was massaging my bottom ,his fingers near my pussy, he asked if i would turn over, and when i did ,moved the towel so it was covering just my pussy , he worked his way down ,and i just lay there with my eyes closed , getting aroused as he massaged my tits and down to my stomach, then as he got lower and he reached over me i felt some thing touch my cheek , i opened my eyes and it was his cock which was hard and big, his hands went under the towel ,i opened my legs and he started massaging my pussy, i took hold of his cock and licked it,he took this as an invite ,he climbed on the table and we performed oral on each other then he got between my legs and fucked me hard, we had sex for a good 30 mins ,he came in me twice andi must have had 4 orgasms.

over the rest of my holiday i fucked him , i went to his house one day ,i had on a little white dress no underwear and heels

we had just fucked when his grandpa came home , a big fat hairy 78 year old. , i will tell you what happened with him another time