Written by trac

1 Jun 2007

I have just got back from my holiday in Egypt staying at Sharm El Shiek. went with three girlfriends, all forty this year, so it was a birthday bash really. Husbands stayed at home. I have a very open marriage with my husband keen on me taking lovers and hearing about it. I am a fit thirty nine until July when I will be forty and a good body size ten 36c2435 and newly waxed for my holiday.

We arrived at the hotel and were immediately the centre for many guys, on th first night I was chatted up by a couple of black guys from UK they were both twenty two years old and very sexy. I had a short backless dress on quite low cut and they were giving me a lot of attention after a while Dan started to stroke my bum and Steve was stoking my back, then I felt Dan's hand slide up inside my dress and when he discovered that had no knickers and I was smooth he said too Steve she is going to be a real fun girl. It was then Steve suggested that we went to their room, once in there my dress was quickly off, and i was on the bed Dan licking me and I had Steve across my body and sucking his huge cock, they both were about 10" Dan a little thicker but both awesome, after a while I felt Dan slide his cock inside me and fuck me hard, they swapped over and then I rode Steve sucking Dan and then Dan went behind me and slowly put his huge cock inside my arse when they both came I felt like a flood had cum inside me, they soon recovered and fucked me again telling me was a sexy slut I was and made me tell them how much better black cock was than white, and that I was their bitch . During the rest of the week I was fucked by them every day until they left on Wednesday, and I was fucked by another seven guys over the week. Dan and Steve have my details and promise to fuck me in front of my husband. I had an amazing fuck with the pool guy but that is another story.