Written by Princess_Sub

9 Apr 2014


Excuse if the words don't flow right but it's been so long since I've written anything and this is the first time that I've written something that has actually happened to me, even though a couple of things I've written in the past have actually spontaneously materialised since meeting J. He has no idea I'm posting this, but he is keen for us to post and share our experiences, so for now I'll just use his initial until I know that he is comfortable with me using his name.

J introduced me to this site a few weeks, although I have no idea why he hadn't done so sooner. I had been telling him how I wanted him to post photographs and videos of us together on-line on another site, when he told me he had a better place in mind and gave me the link, anyway within seconds I was hooked and have been barely away from the story section since...

J and I have been having a wondrous affair for the last four years, exploring our sexuality and for me pushing myself beyond bounds that I had never even considered until meeting him, anyway I thought I'd test the water by sharing with you a little something that happened a little less than a year ago.

As usual J had arranged a 3 day visit to me, we love these times and as you can imagine they are crammed full of fucking, fucking and more fucking, when we are together we can not get enough of each other. Anyway I'd met him in the city centre as soon has he had arrived here and we had gone straight to the apartment that we had access to at the time, there we had frantically fucked on the black leather sofa, finishing with me naked and riding him reverse cowgirl as he fingered fucked my arsehole.

After dropping me home, he had booked into his hotel and I had snuck out later that evening to meet him there for another fucking, I won't bore you with the details now and will move onto the next day.

The next morning after the school run, J picked me up from our pre arranged meeting place and we sped to the hotel he was staying in. The moment the door closed we were all over each other, but as we try and meet up on both the day and evening he arrives up here to fuck we offload a lot of the urgency between us, so can take things slower. The morning had progressed as it normally does, slow sensual love making, with frantic fucks in-between.

J is very experienced compared to my paltry 3 guys including him, although we hope that in the future we will get my tally of men and who knows maybe women up between us, anyway by mid morning each one of my holes had been used at least once by his sizeable cock and my tight pussy was dripping with his cum..

"Hungry?" He'd asked as my stomach rumbled loudly.


"Close your eyes." This time his voiced carried a command.

As always I complied, I always do if he commands me to do something and I heard him taking something from the bedside table drawer. Listening to the sounds I couldn't work out what he was doing, but after being ordered to close my eyes I knew better than to risk a peek, not if I wanted to receive what he has in mind for me anyway, disobeying him would have ended up with a hard backhander across my face and being denied whatever fun he was planning.

"Open your legs wide cum slut"

Obeying him I did as I was told and then felt him spreading my pussy lips wide with his fingers. Breathing deeply I quivered with excitement wondering what he was about to do to me. Slowly I felt something tapered being inserted just inside my cunt, I couldn't work out what, it felt cool and firm against my hot swollen cunt but not hard. Slowly J twisted it around then pulled it out, more noises that I couldn't make out other than J groaning softly. After a few moments I felt it entering me again but the shape of it was slightly different than before, once again it was pushed just inside my swollen pussy lips twisted slightly then pulled from me. I felt J moving towards me then something being pressed softly against my lips. Eagerly they parted and I tasted something sweet and musky against my tongue.

"Open your eyes now"

This I did and discovered J holding a huge banana against my lips, taking it from my mouth he sucked what was left of our juices from it before slowly inserting it into me again and bringing a little more of his spunk from my cunt and feeding it to me from the fruit.

For the next ten or so minutes we shared the piece of fruit between us, each bite smeared with our cum juices from my cunt, sometimes interspersed with drops of the pre cum that was spilling from his once again erect cock. After finishing our snack J then moved between my thighs and proceeded to lick and suck at my cunt bringing me to orgasm again and again the way I always do when he eats me, before pulling me into a deep sensuous kiss. It felt so strange to taste my cunt juices intermingled with the sweetness of the fruit in his mouth, strange but erotic... J then fucked me again, first on all fours which he loves the dominance of doing, then finally with me on my back with my legs on his shoulders so he could be as deep as possible, there we stayed him thrusting harder and harder until he grunted and shot his cum deep up into my cunt as I screamed my way through yet another orgasm.

Licking and sucking his cock clean afterwards once again it was so strange to sample the taste of our sticky cum mixed with the sweetness of the fruit, then share it all in a deep sticky cum tasting kiss with J..

It might not be earth shattering, especially compared with the stories here but it was a wonderful sensuous experience mmmm.

As I said J doesn't know I'm posting this and I can not wait for him to discover it for himself, I just wish I could see the smile on his face when he realises the story is about us.