Written by Him indoors

7 Sep 2008

Recap, professional couple, Elizabeth is 37 now, tall and slim, light brown hair with highlights, perky breasts and great legs.

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We will try to cut out the unimportant and boring bits as this will be a long tale otherwise. Our normal thing is to pick up a fella or two, and have him/them fuck Elizabeth, with or without me, however things work out.


As we both work, a holiday together is rare and not to be wasted. We think this one was as well used as Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was in her beach dress and bikini bottoms, and had caught the eye of Simon, mid forties, and of course, we went to his apartment. Elizabeth was soon on the bed with Simon fucking her and me in her mouth. We had her bikini bottoms off in the lift and the beach dress in the corridor, while Simon was unlocking the door, a far call from our slow, shy moves a year ago.

We were soon quite warm so Simon took us to the balcony where he had Elizabeth bend over and grab the rail to the rail, looking out over the sea. I stood to their left and groped a breast.


I was really enjoying myself, I like men that take charge when it comes to sex. I nearly wet myself when the cover over the balcony to our right was pushed up and back, leaving me looking into the face of another stranger. I could not look away even though I was embarrassed in the extreme. Maybe because I was also so very turned on. An orgasm began to build right then, the man I was staring at, and another next to him were talking but I could not reply.


I was stunned when the cover went back. Paul and \'Fitz\' were introduced by Simon, and Fitz passed me two beers. I think it was Paul that asked if Elizabeth was a hooker, I said she was my wife and he apologized. I did have to admit that We do let Elizabeth play the hooker on nights like this so, he was not really wrong I suppose. Elizabeth meanwhile was letting out a loud and dirty moan, meaning she was coming.


I had never performed for an audience before and found it a turn on.I was side on to them and only looked forward and away from Paul when the orgasm hit hard. My next clear recollection is of saying, \"No, I don\'t mind!\" thinking this was re the men watching. At this point they went indoors, and I was lain on a padded wooden sun bed, for Alan to get on top and begin to fuck me.


I could not last long and soon shot up Elizabeth with a groan. I climbed off to be speedily replaced by Fitz, naked and keen. As he began his thrusting he looked up to me and said \"Thanks mate, appreciate this, really nice of you!\" And with that he really laid into Elizabeth making her hold on to him with her legs and the sun bed with her hands. I did not realize that Elizabeth did not know He and Paul had come round.


When Fitz climbed on me like I was a sex doll and spoke to Alan I was confused. I had thought I was saying O.K. to the two new men watching us, not coming round. But when you go around slutting with strangers, you get what comes I suppose, and we had had threesomes before, and this was just a five-some. Where become a gang bang?

Fitz soon had me going again, and I was once more getting all excited because of the misunderstanding, I just cannot help loving behaving like a slut, my profession should really stop me doing so. But here I was with my Husband and three complete strangers, the second one fucking me so far, on a balcony, not a condom in sight. God I came hard!


Elizabeth was in a world of her own. I chatted with the others as she and Fitz rocked the balcony, it was almost surreal. Elizabeth came loudly again, and a male voice from heaven knows where called, \"Give the bitch one for me too\".

We decided to move indoors again, Elizabeth needed guiding.

As soon as Elizabeth was on the bed, hands and knees, Fitz was spraying on her face and hair while Paul asked if he could \"Slip it up her doggy\"?

We all took turns going round Elizabeth from end to end. Later she was laid on her back and had her knees up on her chest while two of the others had her, and finally Paul sprayed a small load on her face, around two hours after we arrived.


I vaguely recall going back indoors, and certainly recall a lot more fun. Both Simon and Fitz were really good and made me come very hard. And being such a slut is just such a release from my working life as well as so much damn fun.

I know we slept for a while, and then, Simon first, Alan last, each of them took me again, on the bed, legs akimbo like silly tart, all filling me up with more sperm. Then it was time to go, before we were stuck at it all day. I was starting to get sore.


We slept somehow, and as the light came in the window, Simon rolled Elizabeth onto her back, slopped a finger or two around Elizabeth\'s well used vagina, and slid his renewed hard on back inside. Elizabeth just opened her legs and lay there, coming on each cock, until we were all done.

I thought we had best leave before we were unable to do so, and even with her bikini bottoms on under her beach dress, there was sperm trailing down Elizabeth\'s thighs when we got back to our own temporary home.

That was the only night of sex that week, Elizabeth was a bit tender, but what a holiday!