Written by Him indoors

28 Dec 2007

Recap, professional couple, Elizabeth is 36, no kids, light brown hair with blond highlights, perky tits and great legs.

As we pointed out in our previous posts, we are recent swingers spicing up our own sex life. We will endeavor to cut out a lot a boring stuff to get to the action, sorry if it becomes a bit disjointed but it would be very long


Elizabeth had to go away overnight just before Xmas, and I would not be able to go along. We talked about her sleeping with someone even though I was not around and decided she would have to play it by ear. I suggested, half seriously, that Elizabeth could get the lucky guy to phone me with the details, then realized I was actually quite serious. If I could not be there, this could be the next best thing?

Over to Elizabeth.

When I got to the hotel, late morning, I found my room and met up with a few others of the 20 or so at the presentation.

I found myself sat next to Lewis, late forties maybe, smart and confident. By the evening we were having dinner with a

few others and then most went out to look for night life, andLewis and I were part of a handful to stay in the hotel bar,a couple working on laptops.

Lewis asked if I was enjoying a night away from the ball and chain, I presume he had seen my wedding ring, and I said that I had been told to enjoy myself if the opportunity arose.

A couple of drinks later and we were off upstairs together.

I should point out Ladies, if you do this sort of thing, use his room, it is easier to leave than to get someone else to do so. I realized this later.

In the room Lewis began to undress as if he did this all the time, maybe he does. I was self conscious and enjoying the thrill of behaving like a slut. He asked if my husband ever

joined in and I explained a little of our history and mentioned about phoning Alan later. Lewis look a bit surprised but seemed to warm to the idea.

He was certainly fit, a smooth hard belly that I stroked as he explored my body with his hands, kissing me from my breasts to my lips and back. His hands found me wet between the legs, even though I was conscious of Alan not even being in the same building this time. Soon Lewis reached for a condom and as soon as it was on he eased between my legs and entered me with several gentle strokes before being all the

way in.

It was not long before I came and then Lewis put me on my front, a pillow under my midriff, and entered me from behind. I seem to let the man take the lead in bed, I have little imagination when it comes to these things. It was certainly doing the business as far as I was concerned. With just a brief pause, Lewis reached for my phone and asked me to dial Alan.


I answered the phone with sweaty palms. A voice said, \"You don\'t know me but I have my cock deep in your wife and am going to fuck her hard!\". I was a bit stuck for words and just managed, \"Oh, good!\"

The voice carried on, \"When I have filled this condom I may well empty it all over her face and tits, just for fun. What do you think about that?\"

Recovered by now I replied, \"Oh, most men that get up her don\'t bother with a condom, they just fuck her bare back!\"

He told me to hold on.


I heard Lewis\'s side of the call, it made me tingle all over.

He then passed me the phone and said, \"Tell the old man what I am doing!\"

Getting off the bed he pulled of the condom and dropped it.

I told Alan and then told him how Lewis was getting back on the bed and was slipping back in me again. Lewis then took the phone.


I had a very weird feeling in my stomach as the voice said,

\"Now I am fucking her bare back and when I have filled her pussy with my seed I will call down to the bar and invite all comers to come and fuck her. Now I am ringing off so I can fuck you slutty little wife hard and long. See ya!\"

I very nearly came right then, but I was determined to save it for Elizabeth the next day.


I came again as Lewis hang up, he then told me that he would not call the bar really but I don\'t think I would have cared just then, I felt so dirty, excited and just loved it all.

Minutes later Lewis said he was going to come and that he would do as my \"Old man\" had said all the others did, and do it in me. With a few really hard thrusts he did just that, and like a real slut, I came again.

Lewis rolled off and asked if my phone would take photo\'s for me to take home. I said it did but I did not know how. By the time he had worked it out he was ready for more.

Lewis had me on my left side with my right leg back over him,

and entered me from behind again. With his right hand he took some pictures, a couple of which were good. They showed me impaled on his member and the whole of my torso and face.

Only his member and shoulder could be seen.

Next was me on hands and knees but it was just my head and chest in the picture. Lewis then had an idea. We went to the dressing table where he bent me over to face the mirror and

took a picture that showed my face, chest and his body earing up behind as he thrust into me.

Next was a side on view as Lewis took me from behind as I lent on the chair. In these few my whole length can be seen

with him going from the tip to all the way in.

Lewis put the phone down and shoved me back to the bed where he took me on my back, legs round my ears hard and deep until

we both came loud and hard.

Lewis cleaned up in the bathroom and then I followed. As I left the bathroom Lewis, far from leaving, was half asleep already. I got in beside him and soon slept myself.


I was torn between calling Elizabeth or not. I decided to wait until morning. I am not sure if I was surprised or not to hear a male voice answer \"Call back later mate, I have to

give your wife another load of spunk before breakfast or she

will feel neglected. She hasn\'t had any cock for nearly half an hour!\" and he hung up. I was not certain it was the same voice but waited a little before calling back.


When we woke up, of course Lewis started to wind me up again and was soon back inside me. On my back with my legs wrapped

around him, my phone rang. I nearly left it but thought Alan may be checking on me. I grabbed it and said it was Alan so Lewis took it off me. I was stunned and turned on by what he did. Poor Alan.

Lewis and I both came again before we had to get up, Lewis

said just before he came, \"Pity we don\'t have tonight, your a great lay.\" I once more felt all tingly, thrilled and dirty.


I left it as long as I could before calling again. Elizabeth said Lewis had just left and she was about to shower before

breakfast. I got a very short version of events and could not wait for the pictures. Which are great but will never be published, sorry.

When Elizabeth got back next day I was out, but when I got in around nine thirty we bonked like newly weds.

We hope you enjoyed this and it was not too abridged.