Written by Ellen

17 Sep 2010

Its been nearly a year since i told you all about how i gave myself to a nieghbours son,and the funny set of circumstances that lead to it,I was also honest to admit,A lot of the reason for it happening was because he was black,A few of you commented that now i had been with a black guy,there would be more,Well that just never happened,he went back to save his marraige,and i carried on with my partner as normal,thoughts of it crossed my mind,from time to time,And i have to admit he gave me the best sex ever,Which i could only put down to

A} It was naughty and wrong

B} Because he was a black guy,i was doing it with

C} I was doing it behind my boyfriends back

So even though it was on the cards,we would meet each other again,as he would obviously come to see his mum,it was still a bit of a shock when he knocked on my door last week,under the pretence of just calling to see how i was,I had no option but to invite him in for a coffee,After all this was a guy who i had done everything with,To make matters worse as i had just been slopping about indoors,i was only wearing a t shirt and jogging bottoms,although i was not blessed with the biggest breasts in the world,it was plain to see i had no bra on,we just sat there chatting,i could then see why i gave myself to him,And i knew if he made a move i would again,So i politely said sorry but i must get on,He was okay with this,and agreed he had things to do,we both got up to go to the door,and without warning he just grabbed me and kissed me,i had every opportunity to push him away,but instead responded to his kiss,He lifted my t shirt over my head leaving me in just my bottoms,and was pushing me down on my knees,I unbuckled his jeans and released his hard black cock,In that couple of seconds i realised just how much i liked a black cock,i had no hesitation of taking it in my mouth,and kissing and sucking on it like i had never before,as much as loved it in my mouth i also enjoyed taking my head away and just looking at it as i wanked it,pulling me up,he lead me to the sofa,i took off my bottoms,He sat me down and getting to his knees,pulled my legs wide apart,and guided himself into me,I could not believe i was doing this again,but from the position i was in,when my head was not spinning i could see his every move as he thrust into me,and i was in heaven,and with a final thrust,he emptied himself deep in me,before collapsing on me and kissing me,it seemed like no time at all he was ready again,So we went to the bedroom,and bloody hell,the pleasure i was getting was undescribable,This time when he came we just lay back getting our breaths,in the small talk he said,you really do love black cock dont you,not the best line but i just found myself agreeing,He then added he was going to get me up to Birmingham,where he was going to get his mates to have a bit of me,and all i could do was agree,it was what i wanted,And at that moment in time,it was,He fucked me one more time before he had to leave,and i was disapointed when he did actually go,But before he left he asked me for a photo,To show the boys what they would be getting,and the strange thing was i willingly gave him one,We have spoke on the phone a couple of times,and he said the offer of me to go to visit still stands,Which i dont think i will be taking,But the idea of being with more than one black guy,does turn me on,But i think and hope that just stays in my head,But the big eye opener for me is,i know Black guys really do it for me,And want more,But i have so much to lose,its a fine line,and i can honestly say,i dont know which route i will take.