Written by st8ven

25 Apr 2009

Having read so many stories on this site, I thought it was time I made my own contribution, however tame it is by comparison with some others. I only ever get turned on by what I think are true stories, but obviously you can never be 100% sure if a story is true or not - though some do sound authentic. At least I can be sure this one is true.

Some background: I separated in the early 90s, and lived alone until 2005. During that time, I had several girlfriends, and I managed to persuade some of them to play along with my sexual preference: having them flash other guys, suck or fuck them, and tell me about it in detail afterwards.

One of these was my Italian girlfriend, 36 years old at the time of these events. Emilia looked very much the Italian type: brunette, big brown eyes, olive skin. She also had a full figure, without being fat in any way. Round ripe breasts with pink nipples, which she loved having sucked. She was very cool and elegant, but quite uninhibited in bed, and it was not too difficult to persuade her to get into some of the activities I enjoyed, though she was always incredibly strait-laced in public.

Emilia had a male friend in the USA, who had been married to a friend of hers, now divorced. She was exchanging emails with him, and they were getting more and more explicit. I suggested she invite him over to the UK, which she did. She had a small flat of her own in the students' residence where she worked, and he could stay free of charge in one of the empty student rooms upstairs.

Two days after his arrival, she came round to my flat and we got into bed together, whereupon she simply said: "Well, I slept with him." Rather an old-fashioned expression, but that was the way she talked unless she was having sex, when it became much more fruity. She then told me what had happened.

They had dinner the evening he arrived, and there was much flirting and innuendo, but no sexual contact. The following morning he came downstairs, and she was already up, wearing a short silk nightie with her dressing gown over it, and nothing underneath. They had breakfast together, and she casually let her dressing gown fall open, revealing her legs nearly up to her neatly trimmed pussy. She also bent down occasionally to let him get a glimpse of her full tits. Not knowing quite how to push things forward, she simply said she was going back to bed for a little while, and he could join her if he liked, which he readily did.

Once in bed, she lay on her back, waiting for him to take the initiative. This he did by moving closer to her, allowing his now erect cock to touch her thigh. She gently moved against it, whereupon he began caressing her tits, pulling down the top of her nightie. He sucked her nipples for while, then moved further down to her pussy, and started licking her gently, first along the tops of her legs, but gradually on her outer lips, then, as her clitoris swelled, he transferred his attention to that. All the time, his hands were still caressing her tits. She was obviously very wet by this time, and parted her legs to give him full access. After a few minutes of this, she came very strongly. He then moved up and slipped his cock in her. (She didn't admit until much later that in fact he had a rather small cock, and that him licking her was his way of ensuring she was satisfied.) It didn't take long until he came up her cunt, filling her up with his cum, which was pretty copious, she told me, in spite of his member being quite small.

I wish I could have written that she came straight over to my place and I fucked her wet cunt, but she wasn't able to get away immediately, so I had to be content with hearing the details two days later, and fucking her senseless then. She admitted the more sex she had, the more she wanted. She fucked him twice more during that short visit, then two months afterwards spent a weekend in New York with him. She would gently wank me as she told me later exactly what had happened, then I wouldn't be able to hold back, I'd shove my cock roughly inside her and cum after just a few urgent strokes.

We split up after three years, but I still visited her from time to time, and a couple of times she kindly wanked me off, telling me of some adventures with her current lover.

I am married now, to another Italian woman, but she is not remotely interested in this kind of action. Still, I have my memories....

If you are interested in hearing more in this vein, I will share some other exploits.