Written by Tim

5 Dec 2014

I married a delightful woman who makes me happy, both in the bedroom and out. We have been together for 14 years and neither she nor I have strayed. My wife has one sister, Emmma, who was very young with I met my wife. She has grown up with me around and we are best friends. She is 24 now, and since the age of 18, I have know that she is..shall we say....more than a little on the slutty side. I haven't fucked her it needs to be said...but I have seen her in action more than once and covered her tracks on numerous occasions.

The first time I realised that butter wouldn't melt in Emma's mouth was when I was out with the guys to a local night club. I spied Emma in the club, but I didn't make my way over as I didn't want to cramp her style ( being the older brother in law). She was 18, dressed in a very short and tight fitting black dress and heels that were a health hazard. I drank with my mates and had a laugh, but I was aware of Emma kissing guys on the dance floor etc. Inevitably the boys ended up wasted and I was ok ( I hate the feeling of being out of control drunk), so it was time for a burger and taxi. I saw Emma headed for the exit alone and figured I'd catch up and share a taxi. I got outside and saw her with a guy, very full on touchy feely. I hung back, again, not wanting to ruin her night by making a guy territorial. The pair of them quickly disappeared from sight up a dark alley way. I followed, worried for her safety. I could see them in shadows, her against the wall and passion was getting the best of them. Next thing I know, she is on her knees, clearly sucking him off. I was shocked that My sister in law was like this, but definitely hard from the show they put on. Next thing, he gets her to stand up, turn round and the tiny dress is up round her waist. A bit of assistance from her and he is banging away while she pushes back from the wall. It was obvious there wasn't even knickers to get in the way! Things didn't last long, with her bent over, head dipped in orgasm while he shot his load in her. He literally zipped up, looked about and bolted in the opposite direction from me. She adjusted her dress and drunkenly walked back in my direction. I didn't want to confront her, but at the same time, I wanted to make sure she was ok with what had just happened. She got to the mouth of the alley, checking her phone and I just said "hey little one", my pet name for her.

She was shocked, and looked about in fear. I said I was alone and she wasn't in trouble. She visibly relaxed. I said "not the most responsible thing I've seen you do"...to which she cheekyily replied "who else you seen me do?". We had a laugh and I said "at least you could use a condom....I can see it running down your leg!!!". She looked down and went red in the face. "You do this often?" to which she replied "Please don't tell Tina" (my wife). I said I wouldn't tell anyone, but sex with strangers down dark alley ways isn't the safest. She said she kinda liked the thrill of it. I drunkenly admitted that watching it was fun too! She smiled and gave me a wee slap on the shoulder calling me a perv. We went and had a burger, she got cleaned up and she came and crashed on our couch. As I got her the covers I cheekily said "no cum on the couch missy!!", again, getting a slap.

The next morning, my wife was up and away early and I made tea for me and Emma. We didn't really talk about the night before, except for me to say I would keep it secret.

Roll on a couple of weeks down the line and I'm back in the night club with the lads, and there is Emma again. This time I meet her at the bar and we both have had a drink. She gives me a big hug and I ask her how her nights going. She is a few breezers in and saying it is great so far, "plenty of talent!". I cheekily asked her if she had forgot her knickers again, and she told me they were in her bag!!! ha ha. I bought her and her mates a drink and went back to my pals. I enjoyed my night and left Emma to it, but seen her leave with a guy, just as my night was wrapping up. I didn't follow, but Emma phoned me about half an hour later and asked where I was.......which was same 24hour cafe I always go to. She joined me and I shouted her a burger. "well?" I asked as she came in. she just grinned in reply, while I rolled my eyes. I told her to go get cleaned up and I got her a burger. We sat and she told me he had been enthusiastic but disappointing. we shared a laugh about that and I asked her why she didn't just get a hotel room and fuck in comfort? She told me it was too much money. We again shared a taxi home and she kipped on the couch. Since then, she she continued to fuck about. I love how slutty she is, but I'm a support for her, not a participant. I pick her up after, I drop her off and I listen to her filthy tales. I accompanied her to swinging nights and I have had men fuck her almost on top of me on beds and couches. I wank off in front of her, (I'm only human), but I don't cross the line. She is an incredible little slut and a joy to watch, I'm just glad I get to be involved.