Written by Snoozles

26 Aug 2013

It was a while back, but this is a fact report anyway. The wife and I had visited Thailand, and I suggested we took a girl from the bar to join us for a threesome. Wife said "no way ! How about if I wanted a man to join us?". After thinking about it for 30 seconds, I said "okay - that might be fun". She was being rhetorical in her first remark. So when we got back to UK, we placed an ad on here, sadly quite a few losers let us down, but finally met a genuine bloke. Met up in a pub and had a few beers and a chat before taking a room in the pub. I had a quick shower and returned to the room to find bloke helping my wife put her suspenders on, after which bloke and I stood together as she sucked our knobs in turn. Then she lay on her back as her licked her out and she came before telling him to put a condom on. He then gave her a good fucking, whilst I took some pictures as she came. Can't believe how turned on I was watching him screw her in a variety of positions. After practicing my photography skills I let my wife suck my knob as she was being screwed, and swapped around with our "friend". She came again as he was fucking her and then he wandered off to the bathroom. Wifey then said "fuck me". And I did...We both came - third time for her ! She couldn't drive home afterwards as she could hardly walk ! Had a damn good fuck again the following morning thinking about what we had done. Wow - it was good !

I really want to repeat it, but she seems to have lost interest and isn't fussed about a repeat, so I am looking for any couples that want to have fun ! Message me ! MMF is the way to go !!