Written by Namechanger

22 Dec 2008

Beth is about 38 to 43 years, slim with great legs and mousy blond hair. And I have been fucking this married woman for three years. But, in January 2009 she will have moved away with her old man due, to his firm reshuffling because of the financial situation.

On Saturday Beth and I met at a hotel and as we often did, let the whole bar see her get picked up by a 28 year old, obviously for sex. Beth likes to play the tart in public. Two men in particular watched as we left the bar to go to the room.

Beth likes to get a little kinky sometimes so, once I had her stripped down to stockings and suspenders, I tied her hands to the headboard with a long robe belt, and her feet to the corners with two old stockings. I then brought out an eight inch dildo, with a four inch branch for the anus and one to excite the clitoris.

Beth was delighted and soon working toward her first cum. A little earlier that I expected there was a knock on the door, which I had left on the latch, and in walked the two men from the bar, friends of mine and part of my set up for our last fuck.

Beth looked at me in shock and I just said, "Surprise, a little extra for you!"

With that I worked harder with the dildo and brought Beth off as the lads stripped. Des, my age with a broken nose and wonky teeth was quickly ready and, as soon as I removed the dildo, he was mounting Beth. She said, loudly, "Jesus, hang on.." and then gasped as Des rammed his not inconsiderable cock all the way in, and fucked away merrily giving Beth's B cup tits an occasional squeeze.

Beth looked at me and asked what was going on. I told her that like a lot of partners, I wanted to see my girl fucked by someone else, and this was my last chance, and as she likes to do the odd 'special' now and then, I did it this way. I reminded her of how we had fucked in a few alley ways, in a ladies toilet and twice over a car bonnet in a multistory car park. Des said "What a great girl!" and fucked harder, Beth could not hide her enjoyment any more and wrapped her legs around him as best she could, and urged him on.

Will, the other friend, our age with long black hair and arms like tree trunks, moved to the top of the bed and pulled Beth's head toward him so she could lick his cock.

Des began to grunt and give Beth deep long strokes that brought her off just before he came deep inside her. Will then took over fucking her while I fed her my own cock.

A few minutes of this and I untied Beth's hands as Des did her feet, then Will moved up to her chest and pulled her head onto his cock as I moved to fuck her.

I could hear the slurping as Will pulled Beth's mouth up and down his hard on, and then a slight choke and gurgle as he obviously came in her mouth, without slowing down any.

As soon as Will got off I pulled out and turned Beth onto her hands and knees to fuck her doggy. As we repositioned Beth asked what would have happened had she objected to the surprise. I said it would have been too late but that I could never see her turning down an extra fuck as she is such a dirty cow at the best of times. I then buried her head in the pillows as I fucked her as hard as I could.

Once I had emptied my sack as well, Des had Beth on her back and played with her using the dildo. Will suckled on her tits. We were soon ready to go again so, Beth was laid on the bed sideways with her head over the side.

Will Slid his cock into her mouth as far as he could while Des got between her legs and gabbed her suspender belt as he rammed back into her sodden whole, sitting up on his haunches. This gave me room to excite her clit with the the throbbing eight inch toy, and Beth was soon screaming over Wills cock as she came off again.

We fucked Beth in several positions before we finished with Will up her arse, Des in her well used cunt and me shooting down her throat. After cleaning up Des and Will left, telling Beth what a great fuck she is and how she will have no trouble finding more cock after she has moved.

Beth and I slept until the morning, when I awoke with a hard on that I slipped into her from behind as we lay on our sides. This of course woke Beth too, and she said that surly the night before had been enough. I pointed out that this would be the last time I filled her with spunk and, grabbing her hips, fucked away until we both came, indeed, filling her up one last time.

As we left the hotel I asked if it was true that she had been fucking another of the younger lads from work, as he claimed he had been doing so for a couple of years. Her reply was a "cat got the cream" smile and "Of course, you know what a slut I am!"

I smiled back and and we parted, all over. I think I will miss her!