Written by J

13 Oct 2008

Talk about a good score, my wife, Debby, 38F and just a little cuddly, actually said that if England could score more than three goals last weekend, she would finally let me see her fuck someone else. So we went to a pub with the game on and I never wanted England to win so much in my life. Debby was confident she was safe. Good old England!

Even before it was all over I was looking around the pub for candidates. Deb was drinking harder as each goal went in!

A couple of girls had already flashed their boobs at guys taking pictures, so I told Deb to go into the loo and take off her bra for a great photo. It only took a little leaning to get her to do it. The photographer was ecstatic, and the whistle when she flashed them a second time with more guys watching! It nearly took the roof off. The guy next to me made a comment about how they would keep a man warm at night and I told him I was that man. He said how lucky I was and asked if we needed a lift home, in a cheeky kind of way. Seeing a chance I said yes and he could not believe his luck. He then said he had four mates in his van but he could come back for us. I said to hell with it, five guys, that was one per goal. I told Deb we had a lift and a probable guy to complete the bet and she gave me an odd look, but did not complain. I explained she would be paying up the winnings that night and she decided she would need another beer first.

When we went out to the van, an old ford transit mini bus in fact, Debby saw the five guys and asked which one it was. I pointed him out and told her the others would probably watch and she said so long as that was all. He, turned out to be Roy, in his early twenties like the rest of them, Deb is 37.

As we moved off Roy had an arm round Debby\'s shoulder and I decided to explain to the guys about the bet. Debby went potty and told me off for telling them, so I said it was better than them just thinking she was just a slapper, and every one told us to shut up and for Roy to start kissing Debby. Deb\'s handbag was passed out of the way to me and they set to it to a chorus of sounds, mostly dirty ones.

It was a couple of minutes before Roy got his hand under the tea-shirt but seconds after that the shirt was lifted off by Roy and the guy on the other side of Deb. At this point the vehicle stopped, and I recognized the old garages at the other side of the field at the back of our house. We were quickly debussed except for the two lovers, who took their time.

I heard a thumping sound and turned to see two guys cleaning off a mattress from one of the garages, none of which are serviceable. Debby said something like, What, on that? And Roy led her over, her jeans already open and sliding down, Roy pulled them and her pants off before laying her on her back and getting his head down between her legs.

Throughout the night certain comments were made to egg Roy on or praise Debby in a physical sort of way.

A minute or so later and I swear Debby came, she tensed right up and whimpered, which is the normal sign. At this, Roy lowered his jeans and pants and mounted Deb. I was so hard I thought I would burst. Especially when Debby gasped out loud when Roy pushed the whole length in. I could not hold back, I had to go and feed Deb my cock, which lasted about ten seconds before I blasted it all down her throat.

Roy lasted a bit longer, Deb must have come twice more before Roy did, and was not far from another. As Roy stood up Debby told him not to leave her so close without finishing her off and suddenly had four volunteers to see to it for her. Her response was, Oh for fucks sake someone fuck me, now. Since the others all had their cocks out anyway it was a mad scramble, and Deb soon got her wish. As soon as Debby had come I got close and told her it was only fair she fuck all of them now, and any way, it was one per goal so very fitting. Her reply was that if the England team were there she would fuck them all too, now fuck off and let me get fucked.

Number three started by taking some juices from Debby\'s cunt and using them as lubricant for a tit wank until Debby claimed she needed more cock in her, at which point he slipped up her and banged away hard.

After number three I had to fuck Debby myself, and the last two put Deb on her hands and knees to spit roast her. I was so carried away it was only then I realized there were pictures being taken, and wished for the first time my phone had a camera too. Spit roast with her big boobs swaying is a very very good look for Debby, trust me.

The cock in Debby\'s squelchy cunt soon fired away and was replaced by the one in her mouth. This guy grabbed Debby\'s boobs and lifted her so she was just on her knees so someone else could get a frontal picture, another great view, and then let her down to power his way to an orgasm for each them.

When every one was done, Roy asked about taking us home but I said we could walk from there, I did not really want them to know where we lived at that point. Every one kissed and groped Debby goodbye and we walked over the field as they drove off. I had to have Debby again when we got home, and she now wishes she had gone ahead and fucked another man long ago. I think we will be doing it again soon.