Written by luv2meetu

21 Jul 2010

This is what happened to my partner and me after that awful game only a couple of weeks back.

It was the 88th minute and I could not stand any more, so I told the lads whom I was with, "I'm off." Feeling incredibly glum I began my walk home. The walk took me through the middle of our town. Head stooped low, feeling the world had ended; I bumped in to this huge black guy who was equally full of remorse. We both apologised but also found ourselves chatting and got on really well.

It turned out he was playing rhythm, with a blues band that evening that he was off to when we bumped in to each other. As we got on so well I invited him to my home that I share with my absolutely stunning wife.

I arrived home and after pulling the disastrous game apart, I told Sandra about my invitation to this chap. At the time it hadn’t really occurred to me that any thing could happen, may be I'm lying, I don’t know but if I did, I hadn’t given it that much thought.

12pm and my phone rang letting me know he'd be 10 minutes and there he was, he had not even got to our patio for the intended glass of wine but my god there was this instant chemistry between Sandra and Richard. I may as well have not been there! At some point Sandra had blurted out that she had always fantasised about a black man. My chin hit the floor. I could not believe she was being so blatant. Rich asked what I thought, expecting me to say "over my dead body".

I must of sounded like a stuttering idiot but I managed to get out yea, ok.

Rich was a perfect gent and I am sure if I had of said no way then he would have backed off.

It was getting a bit nippy so we went in to the living room and they were both flirting outrageously, again I may as well not have been there. It was a strange feeling but I almost felt like I was intruding, so I made my excuses on to deaf ears and left the room.

Whilst in the kitchen wondering around and wondering what the hell was going on I drank a can of larger, to kill time more so than anything else.

I plucked up the courage and wandered back in to the living room and again my chin could hit the floor. They were both snogging with immense passion, at that point Sandra noticed me in and with a grin said to Rich, “So do you fancy coming up stairs?” Rich looked at me for my approving nod, that I gave. It was a mixture of immense jealousy and feeling incredibly horny.

They both brushed past me and made there in to the bedroom, with in seconds Sandra was screaming but he kept going, god knows how he had not cum. Then, his huge black cock was seen being greedily devoured by Sandra. He then got back in to the missionary position and fucked so hard I thought the bed would collapse under the stress. Sandra was sounding like a demented demon, I am sure my neighbours would be around shortly wondering who was being murdered. My god I was about to explode. Rich could hold off no longer and spunked all over Sandra’s tits.

Soon after Rich had left, I fucked Sandra straight away but I was not going to compete with what had just happened. Since the day Frank Lampard’s goal was ever so wrongly disallowed, Sandra has met up with Rich on 2 occasions. I had always fantasised about being cuckolded but as the saying goes, “Don’t wish to hard for something you just might get it!”