Written by topjock69

27 Sep 2010

Sometime ago i posted a factual account of how our handyman at home had managed to seduce my wife and thereby achieving a life long fantasy of mine to sample first hand the delights of having sloppy seconds, while at the same time for Jane to enjoy the experience of having another guy fuck her.

Following the success of the arrangement he has now become a regular visitor and something of a permanent feature in our lives i suppose at this moment in time.

Jane is loving the attention that two men give her and i cannot think of anything more exciting than fucking her after they have been together.

By day she is the respectable loving wife,but boy oh boy when she is horny she is an amazing woman who knows what she wants, and how to get it!

As she insists that she will NEVER have a threesome, i have to make do with her giving me the details of what they have been doing on her return. This is something that she has struggled with, but as time goes by she feels more and more comfortable giving me the intricate details of their fucking session.

I would love to see her with him as he opens her legs and plays with her, and as she has a large pair of tits how he would suck and play with her large hard nipples, however i am just grateful of the situation that we all enjoy.

Apparently he loves to play with them just as i do and spends a lot of time feeling and tweaking and sucking at her nipples which she just loves.

She has also told me how she has to be careful when sucking him off, as when they do get together he is so gagging to fuck her he has to stop her from making him come.

She loves getting on top and riding her specimen and like me he apparently finds it fucking amazing when she pushes him onto his back and fucks him to the bed.

She loves having her pussy sucked straight after she has been exploded into and again he is more than happy to oblige.

So what do i get...... the excitment and anticipation of shaving her before she goes out to play if i am the same time thinking about how and what he will be doing to her later that day.I imagine him on top of her thrusting his rock hard cock into her soaking pussy.

He loves to get her legs over his shoulders and penetrate her as deeply as he can as she makes him go faster and faster untill they both shoot their cum juices as he fills her up.

By the time she comes back home she is looking very flushed and red in the face.

I cannot wait to feel her soaking wet patch through her knickers and love to suck them while she is still wearing them.

I can smell his spunk and her cum juices all mixed up into a sticky mess.

I then take them off but before i can do anything she puts the gusset over my lips and i can now tast him as i suck her knickers.

She is as horny as fuck as i go down on her and suck whatever she has left inside her.

One of the most exciting moments for both of us was when we fucked a short time after she had been with him and her pussy was foaming with all of the mixed juices of two men shooting themselves into her.

An amazing site to see and we both found it very exciting as her legs and bum were fully soaked in a foaming sticky mess.

I then along with him have to go down on her and end up drinking every last drop from her pussy as she shudders to her final orgasm.

Sex has never been so good in 25 years of marriage for both of us,and so much so that she has persuaded me to make contact with a couple who were looking for "another pair of hands" and experience the pleasures of a proper threesome.

I have now done that and visited them on three occasions.....fuck now that is amazing!!

Will keep you posted.