Written by sexylegs00

11 Dec 2011

The man i was due to marry in a few months used to help run a football team at this particular time i was just 18 years old and had alot of admirers amongst the team,i am Blonde, slim, great legs i am told and 34E boobs. We had arranged a pre Xmas Skittles match at a pub about 1 hours ride away on the coach as we had all the team and some men and their wives who used to supply the transport for the team to get to the matches and we were picking people up at various points.

The night went well we played Skittles had some drinks and food, the lads in the team were determined to get my boyfriend drunk, as they said they had never seen him drunk before and neither had i, as i was sure he had hollow legs as drink just does not seem to affect him. They were adding drinks to his beers and buying him shorts which he drank but all had little effect on him.

When it was time to go we made or way out to the coach i was led out to the coach with by a couple of the lads and they pulled me along to the back seat as my hubs was still in the pub trying to round up the stragglers from the bar and the toilets. When everybody was finally on board my boyfriend got on and was trapped in a seat right at the front as he was stopped to chat and could not escape, he looked up at me and i gave him a wave from the back seat as he asked if i was ok and i said yes i was fine.

Now i have to admit i hadnt gone along to play Skittles and hadnt dressed appropriately for the occasion as i was hoping to have some fun later with my boyfriend when we got home. I had worn a silky blouse without a bra, mini skirt, hold ups, g-string and heels with a 3/4 length coat over but the lads in the team got me to play during the evening and there were lots of comments when i took my coat off on arrival at the pub.

When i sat back down in the coach i took my coat off and it was thrown on to a empty seat, i was sat next to Mike our soon to be best man who was in the far corner seat of the coach and the other side of me was Gary the team captain.I had kissed at one time or another all the team players a few had had sneaked a grope as well and 4 of the team had gone further with me and had got their hands in my nix or got me to suck them off although Mike our best man to be had also fucked me before.

As soon as we had sat down on the coach Mike had his cock out of his trousers and put my hand on it, i told him off telling him we couldnt do that on the coach, he told me i better had as he had been looking at my legs and bum all evening as i bent over to throw the balls at the Skittles and the lads had all been watching as well. Mike then told me to stand up pull my skirt up and to get my g-string off, Mike pulled my string off as i stood in the narrow gap between the seats, i went to pull my skirt down but he told me to leave it as he felt the wet g-string in his fingers before giving it to Gary who did the same before passing it around to the rest of the players.

I sat back down and hadnt noticed 1 of the lads on the back seat move and Gary had moved along,Mike told me to put my legs up on the back seat as i did Mike pulled my head down to his cock and i knew what he wanted me to do and began to lick it all over. While i was licking Mikes cock, he had undone my blouse to rub my nipples and boobs as Gary had spread my legs one foot on the floor the other against the back of the seat and was busy with his fingers rubbing my clit and parting my wet pussy lips.

I was eagerly waiting for the invasion of his fingers in my pussy and as soon as he began to push his fingers in and out of me i had a cum, while now sucking Mikes cock deep into my mouth which stopped me shouting out as i came on Garys fingers. The next thing i knew was Gary moving around holding my legs and suddenly feeling his cock slide up inside my wet pussy, he began to slide in and out of me i noticed for the 1st time the faces peering over the seats in front of us and the lads whispering to Gary to fill my pussy with his spunk and for Mike to shoot all his spunk down my throat.

I caught a glimpse of the lads stepping apart who were stood in the coach aisle and saw a face looking down at me for what seemed like minutes but was only probably a few seconds a grin appeared and after a good look at what was going on the face went away. It was the face of the Man who used to run the line at alot of the lads matches and i guessed he was off to sit back with his wife and just hoped he wouldnt say anything to my boyfriend.

I was too busy enjoying myself to stop what i was doing and soon had the desired result from Mike as he held my head as he began to pump my mouth and throat full of his spunk i just about managed to swallow his warm spunk down my throat,as Gary began to thrust harder pushing me into the seat making me cum again and started filling my pussy with his warm spunk as well. I lay with my head on Mikes lap looking up at his smiling face as i heard the whispers go around that i had swallowed all of Mikes spunk and that Gary had just filled me with his spunk as well.

I borrowed a hankie off Gary as i mopped his spunk up from my dripping pussy before sitting back up straight with the hankie between my legs and pulling my skirt down and doing my blouse back up just as we reached the 1st drop off point. As people gradually left the coach Mike and Gary both gave me a kiss before i was due to get off, (without my g-string which was probably taken as a trophy ) i got back indoors with my boyfriend and told him to get his trousers off and sit on the sofa, i took my blouse off and after rubbing his cock between my boobs i gave him a real good lick and proceeded to suck him off to receive the 2nd warm spunky deposit down my throat that night.

Then before he could recover i dashed off to the bathroom to clean my wet pussy up as i could feel Garys spunk running out of me, we made our way to sleep the night off in bed. I saw Gary at training the following week and told him he must have been horny as i kept feeling his spunk dripping from me all the next day, he said he was after watching me during the evening and that all the other lads who had watched said what a couple of lucky bastards they were.I also kept getting knowing grins for the next few weeks from the man who ran the line at the matches but at least he managed not to tell my boyfriend about what happened that night.